John Elway: Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio are candidates to succeed John Fox

Last updated: Jan 13, 2015 2:32 PM

During his season-ending presser, John Elway confirmed that coordinators Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio are candidates to succeed John Fox as head coach. However, Elway says that neither is officially scheduled to interview for the job.

Each of them is taking a second interview with a Bay Area team today - Gase with San Francisco, and Del Rio with Oakland. Gase is expected to meet with Elway later on Tuesday evening.

It's pretty much impossible to picture Del Rio as Denver's next head man, however.

Also during his presser, Elway cited a difference in opinion of "how to get to the next level" as the reason behind the split with John Fox, whatever that means.

Elway admitted he was disappointed that in the team's season ending losses, we haven't seen them "go down kicking and screaming." Of course, Fox's Broncos have always gone down kicking (and punting); just not necessarily screaming.

The Duke said he'd like to have Peyton Manning back in 2015, and wants an answer from the quarterback by the time the new league year rolls around in March. Of course, Elway acknowledged that both Manning and Denver's next coach figure to be quite interested in each other's futures when they make their decisions.

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