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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yesterday we mentioned that Rusty Hardin (known recently in the sports world for representing colossal dick Roger Clemens) was the assistant DA when a bunch of Mets were arrested in Houston 26 years ago in similar fashion to Adrian Peterson.

Well, guess what? Hardin is now representing Peterson, and he says that not only did ADP not push or shove any cops, but they "struck (Peterson) at least twice in the face."

A spokesperson for the HPD scrambled by saying Peterson will likely only face a fine. But with the clean-imaged Peterson and the high-profile wildly successful Hardin unlikely to relent, it's probably a bit too late for that.


Jack Del Rio and Tracy Porter each did interviews for the official site, providing the answers we'd all expect.

Ben Garland and Co. continue to offer their support to families affected by the recent Colorado wildfires.

Yesterday was apparently Broncos Day on NFLN's Total Access, as Marshall Faulk, Judge SappLaDainian Tomlinson, and fantasy geek Michael Fabiano provided their analysis.

Here's a transcript of what Ron Jaworski had to say about Peyton Manning for his ESPN series in which he ranks the league's quarterbacks.

Roger Staubach reluctantly spoke about the Cowboys' victory over the Broncos in SB 12 during a visit with KOA.

HOF writer John Clayton declares "The signing of Manning is the reason a lot of people are jumping on the Broncos' bandwagon." See, this is clearly the kind of analysis that can only be made by those with ACCESS. Finger, meet pulse.

Because sports columnists love to think they understand the motivations of pro athletes, Clark Judge says the Steelers' thirst for revenge will somehow carry into the season opener against PMFM & Company. As if the Steelers would not be trying their hardest in a season opener were the Broncos not on the other side. We'll surely hear the same out of Skip Bayless about 500 times leading up to the game.

According to FO's data, the Broncos fared much better in 2011 on defense against two-back sets than versus single-back groupings.

Here's a video clip about the Buick commercial Peyton filmed recently in Tennessee. (via PFT)


Ex-Baylor WR Josh Gordon will hold a pro day today at the Texans' training facility in advance of Thursday's supplemental draft.

Oakland is still working on a long-term deal with franchised safety Tyvon Branch, but they only have six days left to do so. Unfortunately, Dennis Allen is receiving rave reviews from his players in Oaktown, as we all might have expected.

A bit late for this, but the Chargers now realize they screwed up by soliciting ticket sales from Chiefs fans, who judging by the comments under this item, are not happy with their brethren for booing their starting QB at a charity softball game; Drew Magary succinctly accurately explains why the Chargers will blow this season.

Texans RB Arian Foster announced on Twitter that he's become a vegan; Eagles RB Dion Lewis was arrested for falsely pulling a fire alarm in a Hampton Inn up in Albany, NY.

The ever-fan-friendly Brown family is charging Bengals followers $10 each to attend a team pep rally that celebrates the team's cost-cutting move of shifting training camp to team HQ. Oh, and it'll be $5 to park, too.

Fans can no longer smoke at Gillette Stadium.


Andrew Brandt says the NFL's franchise tags have a much different application than was first intended, and they've become a powerful weapon for owners to effectively hold down salaries.

Old friends Brandon Lloyd and Brandon Marshall rank among the top WRs in terms of yards per route run according to PFF.

Matt Bowen offers two Cover 2 tutorials: how safeties should read run/pass, and the proper footwork and technique for a middle linebacker.

Chase Stuart expects a tougher schedule and that little thing called luck to catch up with the Niners this season.

Chris Brown presents an encyclopedic look at the history of the Air Raid Offense.

NFL Films marks the passing of Electric Football inventor Norman Sas with a feature on his creation.

Unfortunately, Christmas Ape ignored our pleas and stuck with tearing apart vintage PK, this time his post-Tuck Rule Game column. Haha, Raiders.


Mike Lombardi interprets the contract Jerry Jones gave Kyle Orton as being meant to apply some pressure to Tony Romo. Anyone think Tony's scared?

No cussing in the presence of the Teebs, thank you very much.

It's no surprise that noted outdoorsman Eagles DE Jason Babin is against gun control. But did you know he's one of those dumbasses who apparently gets his history lessons and news via chain emails?

Another day, and Joe Paterno's reign at PSU and the power he wielded there continue to tarnish his legacy.

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