Jeremy Green of nuff said is at it again.  Their Scouts, Inc group has been chronically underrating our guys of late, and here is a real gem.

Lee(Phoenix, AZ): Yes or no. The Broncos will have a winning season this year. 

Jeremy Green: Oh, no. They've done horrible drafting. Brandon Marshall, even though I think can develop into a No. 1, is the most immature player on their roster. They cut their RB. I think the Broncos are not even better than the Raiders. They are closer to being a bad team than to being a playoff team right now.

Above is a quote from Jeremy "I talk furiously with my hands and look like a total clown on TV" Green.  It was in an Insider chat he did on today, so I pasted the text.  This is the link if you are a subscriber, and can access it.

They've done horrible drafting?  How does this clown have a job at the Worldwide Leader?  Did he miss 2006?  Cutting Travis Henry was a bad move?  Brandon Marshall isn't already a legit Number 1 receiver?  This is such a bunch of nonsense.    Did you all know we project to have the worst running game in the NFL?  Scouts, Inc says so, so it must be true.  (Also, we project to have the worst D-Line in the NFL, according to them.

Really I would say our team done very well the past three drafts.  I think this guy has no credibility, as a failed former scout.  If he was really any good, he'd be employed somewhere by now, 3 years after getting whacked by the Browns.  His only thing to cling to is being Dennis Green's son.  We'll have to remind him of these words after the season I guess.  That would be some mea culpa if Zappa is right and our guys go 13-3.  Even going 9-7, we can feel free to remind the world that this guy is a joke.  Viva ESPN!

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