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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As mentioned two days ago, President Obama expressed some of the same concerns many of us have about the long-term health issues of playing football, in a recent interview with the New Republic.

Naturally, the President's comments prompted plenty of reaction in New Orleans and elsewhere.

Niners coach Jim Harbaugh took the comedic route, while his brother John was more interested in focusing on football's positives.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard fears an on-field death is in the game's not-too-distant future; secondary mate Ed Reed shares his concerns and would prefer his own son not play the game.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari stand on different sides of the debate, as Jay says he has much bigger concerns for their son, while Kristin plans to push five-month-old Camden to a less dangerous sport.

As for the sport's caretaker, would anyone be surprised to learn the Ginger Hammer basically avoided the question of player safety in his Reddit session yesterday?

That response was prompted by a question from none other than Vikings punter and outspoken Goodell critic Chris Kluwe, who even threw in a bit of a Rickroll at the end.

Obviously, that went right over the Rog's head, while plenty of other great queries went unanswered.


Colts GM Ryan Grigson edged out John Elway for the Sporting News executive of the year award; each is deserving, so we're finding hard to get upset about this.

Funny stuff from Jeff Legwold today, who finally admits the Broncos don't feature a fullback-heavy scheme, although he hilariously chalks that up to them being in "game-planning mode." Of course, included is an obligatory "the current SB teams love fullbacks" note, and he suggests the Colts won the Chris Gronkowski/Cassius Vaughn trade by virtue of Vaughn's having played a lot.

But let's note that of the 113 corners who played at least 25% of their teams' snaps, Vaughn graded out 113th in the league according to PFF. Anyone want him back? Meanwhile, buried in there is some actual useful information - the Broncos apparently outbid the Texans for Greg Knapp's services. Knapp had coached Houston's QBs in 2010 and 2011.

Bill Williamson thinks Manti Te'o would be a no-brainer for Denver were he to fall to them at #28.

Over at the official site, a review of the team's first four regular season games.


Mike McCoy hired four more assistants for his San Diego staff; Kansas City signed former Titans guard Ryan Durand.

Well, here comes the Brett Favre-ification of Ray Lewis, who Ed Reed suggests may not retire after Sunday's game. Meanwhile, Randy Moss apparently plans to stick around for another year.

As Ndamukong Suh works to repair his public image, it remains to be seen whether saving the life of Louie Anderson will be seen as helpful to the cause.

On the topic of reparations, the LOLJets need to pump up Buttfumble's confidence, and what would achieve that better than potentially signing JaMarcus the Hutt? He'd basically be the UT™ minus the fans and ludicrous coverage from the Worldwide Leader.

Amidst the team's bounty scandal, the Saints extended the contract of GM Mickey Loomis through the 2017 season.


How about the University of Delaware, the only non-FBS school to produce two Super Bowl starting quarterbacks?

Via Don Banks, Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt provides his thoughts on the SB matchups; Andy Benoit analyzes the matchups between Baltimore's offense and San Francisco's defense; Matt Bowen breaks down tape of Anquan Boldin's three postseason touchdowns; George Bretherton studies Seattle's 42-13 demolition of the Niners.

Sam Monson says PFF's grades heavily favor the Niners over the Ravens, at least within the context of their entire 2012 seasons.

Khalid Elsayed ranks the 2012 performances of the NFL's offensive lines, with the Broncos coming in at fourth best.

Will Leitch rues the excessive corporatization of the Super Bowl experience; Bill Barnwell checks on some prop bets for Sunday.

Chase Stuart measures the successfulness of head coaches by the performance of their teams in the playoffs, relative to the expectations of their regular season quality. Poor Marty.


Last Thursday was Beer Can Appreciation Day, marking the 78th anniversary of the first sale of a canned beer in the country. In belated honor of that historic moment, here's a look at 30 of the best can designs to be found today. (via NYT)

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