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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! The Aaron Hernandez news continues to flow in, so we'll again have a separate entry dedicated to that shortly. For now, let's see what's being written about Hernandez among NFL writers.

Alex Marvez says Hernandez appears not to have learned the hard lesson faced by so many pro athletes - of separating oneself from troubled company when the money starts to roll in. Marvez shares some remarkable quotes from former Broncos RB Maurice Clarett and current Falcons wideout Roddy White.

Although it was too late to save his own NFL career, Clarett has clearly grown and matured as a person, while White says his family helped him distance himself from longtime friends who were a negative influence upon him.

In a separate piece, Marvez writes that the devastation of losing his father in 2006 was seen as the cause of an alleged substance abuse problem for Aaron while at Florida. Positive drug tests are cited as the main reason Hernandez dropped to the fourth round in the 2010 Draft.

Les Carpenter says stories like that of Hernandez's are the NFL's worst nightmare, since (unlike concussions) they have the potential to drive away advertising dollars.


As we'd expected, Dan Koppen's contract is a one-year deal for the $940K minimum; Jeff Legwold doesn't think the injury to J.D. Walton will have any effect on the team's negotiation with Ryan Clady, and why should it?

Neil Hornsby notes the improvement in Koppen's PFF grades as last season wore on, and he laughs at the joke that was Chris Kuper getting invited to the Pro Bowl.

Here's a Q&A with linebackers coach Richard Smith, plus a look at his charges from Andrew Mason.

Wes Welker is quite pleased with the results of his hair transplant surgery and says he's referred other NFLers to his hair doctor.


Senators John McCain and Richard Blumenthal are asking the FCC to rule on sports TV blackouts.

Including Denver's Sly Williams, there are currently 36 unsigned draftees.

Just weeks after signing him, the Cowboys have released DE Anthony Hargrove; ex-Packers LB Desmond Bishop visited the Chiefs and says the Giants have also expressed interest in him.

Kudos to JaMarcus Russell, who no longer resembles Jabba the Hutt in any manner. Dude is half the man he used to be...

Reaffirming that he's just an asshole, Warren Sapp attacked Michael Strahan's HOF candidacy out of nowhere.

Although fans of using blatantly racist slurs will tell you that it's just the modern "PC" crowd that says the blatantly racist name of Washington's football team is blatantly racist, the reality is that the name has been disputed for many decades now.


Sam Monson explains how NFL teams are incorporating PFF's grades into their evaluations of players and coaches, stressing that PFF isn't a stats company, and that its success doesn't figure to come at the expense of the scouting community.

Chase Stuart studies the terrible run of luck experienced by the Lions in 2012, which provides a handy reminder of the Broncos' brutal run of lost fumbles.

Bucky Brooks expects the Jets defense to return to its identity as a blitzing unit.

The contract extension signed by DT Justin Smith not only saves the Niners a bunch of cap room, but Jason Fitzgerald says it's also a bargain of a deal.

This article has been written countless times over the past several years, but John Clayton notes the disappearance of fullbacks from the NFL, to the benefit of tight ends.

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