It could definitely be worse

During the third quarter of last night's game, my lady-friend texted me and said "It could be worse."  I texted her back with "Sure it could be worse.  I could have accidentally stabbed myself in the testicles while cutting an apple, AND the score was 38-13."  THAT would be worse, you have to admit.

But imagine, if you will, how it feels to be a fan of the Jets, Buccaneers, or Cowboys today.  Those are 3 old veteran teams which faded down the stretch.  There are already reports that Eric Mangini is getting whacked this morning, and Wade Phillips is almost certain to, as well.  When you have a team that is built to win a Super Bowl now, and you choke, that's a bad feeling.  When you're the Broncos, and you're BUILDING, rather than BUILT, it still sucks, but you're pretty fired up for next year.

Just some perspective.

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