Is there a big game today?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Somehow, some way, the Broncos have made it through.

Yes, they have survived to Week 2 - and even won a game that counted - despite Tom Heckert having been suspended for a month, and Matt Russell for two.

We don't mean to make light of the seriousness of what Heckert and Russell did - drunk driving is inexcusable and a major public safety issue.

But you may recall that when news broke of the two front office execs' arrests, the handwringing got to the level of wondering whether the Broncos could navigate the drama, and suggesting the team's SB hopes were being torpedoed.

Remember the calls for Heckert and Russell to be fired, and for John Elway's so-called frathouse front office be reined in?

Would Elway have the first clue in constructing his roster without his right-hand man Russell?

BTW, if John and Matt were to discuss these matters on the phone during his two-month ban, who was going to blow the whistle on them?

All of this is to say that Russell will be back at Dove Valley tomorrow, we sincerely hope he got whatever help he truly needed, and hey - guess what - the Broncos are in fine shape even though their head of personnel was out for a little while on a forced vacation.

Who knew?!

Broncos News

Montee Ball is apparently a bit surprised to learn that Broncos fans are an intense group, which is kind of weird, given that he claims to have been one all his life.

His teammates continue to say Peyton Manning is throwing the ball with more oomph this season.

Breaking News: Pat Bowlen think$ that Denver can handle ho$ting a $uper Bowl.

John Elway's attire makes him look like he's amidst a mid-life crisis, but hey - there's no rule for what you can wear at what age (he's 53).

Broncos Analysis

Andrew Mason offers his keys to the game and provides some fodder for the HOF cases of Denver's seven nominees.

While C.J. Anderson doesn't figure to play today, Paul Klee thinks we'll be seeing a whole lot of him in coming weeks.

Woody Paige and Richard Goldstein memorialize the late Frank Tripucka.

Manning Bowl 3

Archie, Olivia, and Cooper aren't the only folks dreading today's game - so is Duke coach David Cutcliffe, who continues to play a large role in the careers of both Peyton and Eli.

Mike Klis and Paul Klee on the brotherly showdown.

Gary Myers provides a highly scientific tale of the tape and predicts a 34-27 Giants victory, while Hank Gola says it'll be Denver by eight.

Leave it to John Clayton to declare that Eli enters the game hot, despite his three huge interceptions from Week 1. As usual, it's most important for Clayton to declare trends, rather than report reality. The trend here, according to Clayton, is that both brothers are on a roll, as if a one-game sample constitutes a trend of any kind.

Here's a collection of some of Peyton's and Eli's most insightful words in advance of today's matchup.


The LOLJets placed Buttfumble on short-term IR.

A Russian football team (did you know they existed?) has reportedly offered Tim Tebow $1M to join them for two games, and their owner claims Timmy's all for the idea.

Arizona cut 2012 third-rounder Jamell Fleming; Tampa Bay already cut old friend Spencer Larsen just days after they'd signed him; Washington cut QB Pat White and added K John Potter; Seattle re-signed DT Clinton McDonald and cut T Michael Person; Jacksonville promoted two players from their practice squad.


Jarrett Bell thinks the Pats and Ravens should already regret having let Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin go, respectively, and he reminds us that Peyton chose Denver in part because he didn't want to face Eli in the regular season more often than once every four years. Of course, we were telling you this was likely the case prior to Peyton having made his decision, while Mike Klis, Woody Paige, and the like were writing that the Broncos had absolutely no shot to land him.

Len Pasquarelli considers the possibility that Jay Cutler and Josh Freeman hit free agency together as proven NFL starting quarterbacks. He says there are whispers that Champ Bailey should move to safety, but whether Denver's coaches feel that way is a mystery.

Brian Burke ranks Tom Brady's worst performances of all time by EPA.

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