If Bradley Roby is ‘troubled’ then what are Jimmy Haslam and Jim Irsay?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! At today's owners meetings in Georgia, there will be a vote on the site of SB 52, with Indy among the host candidates.

Who's going to be making the presentation on that city's behalf?

Why, Jim Irsay, of course.

You know, the dude who was recently arrested on a DUI charge, along with four felony counts of possession of controlled substances.

Among the folks who will be listening to Irsay's pitch?

Jimmy Haslam.

You know, like Irsay, another member of the lucky sperm club who appears to be a brazen felon.

Whose company lost another pair of key employees recently due to the investigation into its alleged widescale fraud.

And yet, guys like Haslam aren't described as troubled. Rather, they're just NFL owners.

Imagine if these guys were players?

Someone like Bradley Roby, who was found sleeping in his car one night, and didn't let a bouncer just push him around? Dude is "troubled" and stands as proof that the NFL doesn't need "choir boys."

Double standard, you ask?

You know the answer...


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