A quick guide to our domains:

  • itsalloverfatman.com - the mothersite. Welcome.
  • iaofm.com - for those who haven't bookmarked the site on mobile. Quick typing to redirect to the mothersite.
  • iao.fm - our fancy short domain. We use it on Twitter, and anyone who uses bit.ly will see it magically appear.

We may (may) do something different with iaofm.com in the future, but nothing is planned. As you could wind up seeing all three being used or linking to this site, I wanted to clear up any possible confusion.

David is a Bears fan. Besides being the only non-Broncos fan on the IAOFM staff, he is emailed every time Jay Cutler does something stupid. He is emailed a lot. You can follow him on twitter @singer or visit his insanity over at hockeyfights.com.

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