IAOFM holiday shopping guide

After yesterday's debacle, it's time to focus back on what really matters this time of year, and it's not that Every Kiss Begins with Kay™. In case you've got that awful jingle in your head now, please accept my sincerest of apologies and try this one instead.

Back on topic...Here at IAOFM, we are more interested in gifts appropriate for the true Broncos fan. As usual, I'm ripping off finding inspiration from my favorite Mets blog, Amazin' Avenue.

What else for The Big Lebowski fanatic TJ but a beautiful Broncos rug to tie his room together? ($117.98) (Note: All prices are Buy It Now and include shipping)

Denver Broncos NFL Football Area Rug 4' x 6'

Doc of course is our resident Sunnysider, and it can get a bit bright over there at times. So, we've got a couple of items for him - a pair of Broncos sunglasses ($18.49) and a matching Croakies-like strap for them ($11.99 w/Free Shipping!!)

Denver Broncos Sunglasses


But we can't chintz out on Doc after finding such a lovely rug for TJ. As you may know, Doc is a big fan of Kyle Orton - so if you're shopping for him perhaps you could spring for an autographed Orton jersey. Now, the Buy It Now price is set at $135 plus $11.50 shipping. Yet, the seller is also willing to listen to lower offers. And you know, with the way things are going, there may be an itchy trigger finger on the seller's part...

Kyle Orton Autographed Denver Broncos Blue Jersey

Shopping for Jesus Quintana came down to a choice between a Broncos bowling towel or a Broncos bowling ball, but let's go with the ball - after all, the poor guy is neutered. Sure, it's a lot to spend on a cat, but Quintana was a good sport this season in making his picks every week. ($154.72)

Denver Broncos Viz-A- Bowling Ball

Finally among the IAOFM staff there's me, and frankly I am a dork. Just ask my wife. So, what better than this? ($24.95)


We know there are still some Josh McDaniels fans out there, and although his legacy in Denver will likely never be looked upon fondly, perhaps you know someone who would appreciate this ($58.00). Plus, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a Shanny version ($175.54). There's only one, so get it while it's umm, hot...

Josh McDaniels Denver Broncos signed helmet

For the Broncos' season-ticket holders who are a bit iffy about attending the last two home games against Houston and San Diego, we've found a couple of options. There's a mixed lot of 75 brown paper bags in three different sizes - this way, you'll have plenty of bags to share with your fellow tailgaters or section neighbors, and the three sizes accommodate folks with noggins of varying circumferences. It's perfect for families. ($32.50) I know, sounds like a lot for a bunch of paper bags, but this is quality stuff manufactured in the good 'ole US of A:


And if you'd prefer to go the one-size-fits-all route, we've got you covered there, too. Now, 500 bags may seem like a lot, but these bags may come in handy for quite a while, if you know what I mean. ($38.35)

PAPER BAGS Grocery Brown 1/6 52# NATURAL 500/BDL

Not that we're aware anyone like this exists (especially after Sunday), but if you know any big Mike McCoy fans out there, here's the perfect gift for them. It's probably a bit overpriced for what it is, but hey - it's certainly unique! ($28.75)

Mike McCoy Signed Photo Utah Utes

As for Wink Martindale, there's just no market for his memorabilia, or it just doesn't exist. But if you know a big Wink fan who doesn't actually know what he looks like, we've got just the present - and it's cheap! ($4.25)


Hopefully this handy guide will help you knock a couple of names off your shopping list, and perhaps we'll come back with some more next week for the last-minute shoppers out there.

Doug is IAOFM’s resident newsman and spelling czar. Follow him on Twitter @IAOFM