IAOFM community recognized

Since it's SB week, Disqus chose to focus on IAOFM and longtime reader/commenter Underdog on their blog today:

Underdog is a big Denver Broncos fan (lucky him, this year!), and spends much of his time sharing his knowledge, and debating others, on It’s All Over Fat Man (the story behind the community’s name is brilliant — you can read more on their site).

Obviously, we're flattered that Disqus thinks enough of IAOFM to feature it in such a manner.

But mostly, we're proud of the readers and commenters who have helped us garner this attention.

We haven't expressed this enough of late, but we are extremely grateful for your loyal support, commenters and noncommenters alike.

And of course, thanks to Underdog for representing the IAOFM community so well!

Doug is IAOFM’s resident newsman and spelling czar. Follow him on Twitter @IAOFM

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