History lesson: Peyton’s throws have always wobbled

Ron Jaworski says Peyton Manning isn't spinning it like Aaron Rodgers or Matthew Stafford does.

Undoubtedly true.

But has he ever?

The above video would suggest that what we've seen of Peyton's throws through three weeks is the same as vintage Manning. Some tight spirals, some wobblers. Pay particular attention to the passes at the 0:59, 1:22, 1:44, 2:49, 4:34, 4:39, and 4:47 marks. Actually, skip that last one, if you want to avoid reliving past nightmares.

And remember - this is a highlights video.

As Andrew Mason noted over the weekend, that's been the word on Peyton since before he was drafted:

Of course, criticism of Manning's velocity and spirals is nothing new, as earlier published analyses reveal.
"He has good arm strength, but not necessarily a “gun” that you might expect from a QB at the top of the draft."
"Lacks great arm strength. Passes tend to wobble at times."
Both were published scouting breakdowns of Manning leading into the 1998 NFL Draft -- one from The War Room; the other from the Associated Press. Breakdowns ilke those helped contribute to that year's vigorous debate over whether Manning or Ryan Leaf should be the top quarterback selected.

How pretty a throw looks only matters relative to its result: when a perfect spiral falls incomplete, nobody cares about the aesthetics. Likewise, the aeronautics of wobbly passes shouldn't matter when they become completions.

While it's far from natural to think a quarterback who doesn't throw a pretty ball could be highly accurate, both the tape and the stats sheet say that in Manning's case, he can.

Any questions?

Were you aware prior to watching this video that Peyton Manning has always thrown wobbly passes?

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