Hillis hammers out a home

In case anyone has been comatose, MIA or oblivious this week, Peyton Hillis has been rapidly making a name for himself in camp. The past two times that Josh McDaniels ahs been on film being interviewed and was asked about the Arkansas product, he's laughed before going on to respond. Hillis is a name on everyone's lips, because he's showing everything that the MHR has talked about this offseason.

During today's post-practice interview, Coach McD gave that same chuckle and went on to say this about Peyton's role in the 2009 Denver Broncos offense:

Peyton could be a lot of things. We don't even name our backs, really. You're going to see a heck of a lot more one back sets than 2 back sets...but he does both and he does them pretty well and you know, he gets better every day and that's not easy, either. You're learning two different positions and two slots, so it's a credit to him that he can handle multiple roles and try to improve each day...He's a very tough, physical style of play, a style that we appreciate..

Peyton has also mentioned that he's taking snaps at TE and WR to go with his work as a tailback and fullback. Over the weekend, Coach McDaniels again suggested that Broncos fans will see something new from this year's offense, something that hasn't been done in the NFL before. While I wouldn't go so far as to suggest what it is, my best bet is that Peyton will be one the field for it's inaugural snap. One of the advantages of having Knowshon Moreno coming late to camp is that one again Peyton has stepped into the breach and shown all interested folks just how versatile, powerful and effective he can be.  He showed the kind of class after his monstrous hit on Tim Crowder (who is reportedly still looking for his back teeth) that Broncos fans have come to expect from our 2008 final pick of the NFL Draft.

That draft seems to have brought other gold to the Broncos Orange and Blue. From LT Ryan Clady to Eddie Royal, whom McDaniels was raving about in this same interview, to Josh Barrett who seems to be making a statement on how important it will be to keep 5 safeties this year, that draft has provided some of the best pieces the Broncos have seen from a single draft in many years.

Go Broncos!

Peytonism of the Day: "I'm not really good at being a shifty kind of guy who likes to make moves -- I like to be a straight-line guy and run over somebody if I can."

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