He’s Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Bronco - Week 4

This is going to be a weekly gig - a celebration of two players, one from each line, who made a positive difference, win or lose. Some weeks it’s not easy - the guys who do the best are in the middle of piles and you can’t read their jerseys. But this week, that wasn’t hard.

Offense: The award for this week goes to the rookie center, JD Walton. Walton was fighting for his life on much of the day, but watching him racing Ryan Clady down the field, the second level quickly turning to the third, looking for more people to hit gave you an idea of how hard he was working throughout the game. Like most rookies, he is learning by doing. He’s going to get mauled at times, but he’s holding his own better and better. Congratulations to him.

Defense: Just to keep this even, this one has to go to Kevin Vickerson, who we took away from the Titans. He wanted to have a big game, going back to Nashville for the first time. He did. He had three tackles, but he was a huge factor - please pardon the pun, because he’s 321 pounds (and we love puns here at IAOFM) - in play after play. The way Denver contained QB Vince Young and RB Chris Johnson would have been impossible without his relentless effort. One of the things that’s becoming obvious is that the combination of Jamal Williams at NT, Justin Bannan at LDE, and Vickerson at RDE (and they played those DEs in reverse at times, too) is a group of men who are used to winning. It shows. They know how to win: what it takes to finish a sack, a tackle or a game. Congratulations to Kevin Vickerson - he received the game ball on defense, too.

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