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He may be locked up, but Aaron Hernandez continues to generate so many headlines that he again warrants his own edition of the Lard.

Hernandez stands accused in the murder of Odin Lloyd, and the case laid out by prosecutors has led many to characterize the former Patriot and Gator as a clumsy criminal.

How else to explain the enormous evidence trail left behind: text messages, shell casings, cars rented in his name, chewed bubblegum, walking around with a gun in hand for surveillance videos to capture?

It may just be that Hernandez was so sloppy because he'd grown used to getting away with violent crimes; perhaps he was more brazen than bumbling.

Prior to Lloyd's killing, there's the 2012 Boston drive-by double homicide, for which police are investigating Hernandez's possible role, and which followed a nightclub altercation.

There's also the Florida lawsuit, in which an associate of the 23-year-old alleges that Hernandez shot him in the face and left him to die.

Yesterday, we all learned of a 2007 incident where Hernandez ruptured the eardrum of a bar bouncer, after refusing to pay for two drinks. Gainesville police had recommended a felony charge, but none was filed. Of course, next comes word that the University of Florida may have reached a $ettlement with the victim.

Today, we find that Hernandez may have had a role in another 2007 incident, this one a much more serious one.

Authorities are revisiting a Gainesville shooting that left two men injured in the front seat of a car. At the time, one of the men in the backseat described the shooter as a "Hawaiian" or "Hispanic" male who measured in around 6-3 or 6-4 and 230-240 pounds, with lots of tattoos.

The shooting followed - you guessed it - a nightclub altercation, one said to involve the victims and a group of Florida Gators football players.

According to the police report, Hernandez invoked his right to counsel and did not speak to detectives. One has to figure we'll soon learn why the trail stopped there, especially since the aforementioned backseat witness "positively identified Hernandez as the shooter at some point," per the ESPN report. Will it involve money, Gators boosters, or both?

Whatever comes of that case, it is now starting to look like Hernandez was more a cocksure criminal than a floundering felon. And considering how much it now appears he's gotten away with in his life, why shouldn't this accused murderer have been confident that he could again escape prosecution?


All signs point to Carlos Ortiz being the prosecution's key witness in prompting a first-degree murder charge for Hernandez.

In relation to the Lloyd case, Massachusetts police were planning to interview Thaddeus Singleton III, the son-in-law of Hernandez's uncle, but before they could, Singleton was killed in a single-car accident. That uncle, Andres Valderrama, is the same uncle who apparently garaged the SUV suspected to be the vehicle in the 2012 drive-by double murder, and with whom Ortiz lived.

Police have obtained more evidence, including ammunition and clothing, between searches at a condo in Franklin, MA, and Valderrama's home.

The Bristol County Sheriff says he plans to prevent Hernandez from marrying his fiancee while in jail, out of a fear that she would then be able to avoid having to testify against Aaron.

Former Colts GM Bill Polian claims Indy, like Cincydid not have Hernandez on their draft board in 2010.


Police were reportedly called multiple times to Hernandez's rental home in Hermosa Beach, CA, most recently after Hernandez allegedly punched through a glass window out of anger, leaving himself bloodied. Neighbors there referred to him as a "nightmare."

Six years after the Gainesville incident, Hernandez was again kicked out of a bar near that California home, allegedly after yelling and cursing at bar staff who tried to prevent him from breaking open container laws.

Anonymous current and former Patriots players describe Hernandez as a loner who didn't hang out with any of his teammates.

Les Carpenter cannot erase the cold look on Hernandez's face as he answered questions about having been reunited in New England with Tim Tebow.

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