Here comes the real offseason

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The offseason is going to start ramping up a bit this week.

Starting on Monday, teams will have two weeks - until 4pm ET on Monday, March 3, to apply their franchise tags to pending unrestricted free agents.

Denver has done so for two straight years - first with Matt Prater in 2012, and again with Ryan Clady in 2013.

There's no chance they make it a threepeat, given their pending UFAs and the likely tag values.

But if you're wondering, it would cost around $10.5M-11M to tag Eric Decker, and $11M or so for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

$11M fully guaranteed for one year of either player? Not in their wildest dreams.

On the cheaper end of the player acquisition spectrum, the national scouting combine begins on Wednesday in Indy and runs through the following Tuesday.

As of now, Denver picks 31st in each of the draft's seven rounds.

Of course, you can always get all or your Broncos offseason info on our right sidebar, under 2014 Offseason. We'll update those items throughout the next several months, as the Broncos build for 2014.


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