Here come the ugly addiction stories the NFL doesn’t want you to see

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There was plenty of fallout on Wednesday from news of the latest lawsuit filed against the NFL, this one related to painkillers.

Two of the plaintiffs, J.D. Hill and Ron Pritchard, detailed the drug regimens they were put on by their teams, and of course, added that they were never warned of any consequences.

Retired lineman Kyle Turley estimates that more than half of his teammates were addicted to painkillers, and that one of them even took as many as 30 Vicodin daily.

The original Fat Man says Toradol injections were so rampant that a current announcer (presumably a former player) goes for shots before games.

Of course, the Randian crowd will float that old "the players should have known better" bullshit that Colin Cowherd lobbed Turley's way.

But as actor and former NFLer Terry Crews sees it, the league and its teams exert cultlike control over their players, who devote their lives to making it in the sport.

Back to the lawsuit itself, here's a typically fine primer on its details from Patrick Hruby.

Michael McCann wonders if the suit could lead the NFL to allow marijuana use among players.


Videos: Aqib Talib (79), Von Miller (76), and Wes Welker (73) made NFLN's Top 100 Players list; Ben Garland hosted a fundraiser to combat sex trafficking. Is it worth getting worked up over how much this underrates Miller? No, not really.

Chris Harris says his rehab from ACL surgery is going well enough that he doesn't expect to be limited by it this season.

Isaiah Burse says he idolized Wes Welker as a teenager, and now that they're teammates, he's trying to learn all he can from the slot master.

Former Blue Devils running back Juwan Thompson thinks his time spent with Peyton & Co. at Duke will help him as he tries to make the 53-man roster.

Peter Damilatis discusses the growth of Malik Jackson, anointing him PFF's Secret Superstar among the 2014 Broncos.


New England worked out RB Ronnie Brown and TE Ben Hartsock.

50 U.S. Senators signed a letter urging the NFL to change the blatantly racist name of the Washington franchise. They didn't bother trying to get any of their Republican colleagues to sign, since they're all on board with institutional racism.

Former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano is reportedly preparing a bid to purchase the Bills.

Unable to pry his familiar #24 away from new teammate Corey White, Champ Bailey will wear #27 in New Orleans.

Legal Issues

Niners LB Aldon Smith pleaded no contest to three felony weapons charges and two misdemeanor DUI charges.

Here's a collection of allegations among the lawsuits filed by current and former cheerleaders against No Females League teams.


Drew Brees spoke up about the NFLPA's battle against proposed limitations on workers' comp.

Suspended Indy DE Robert Mathis now admits he should have checked with the league before taking Clomid.

Washington safety Ryan Clark says Roger Goodell's inaction relative to Jim Irsay evidences a double standard on the Commish's part.


Albert Breer discusses the Broncos' and Patriots' QB succession plans. Obviously, having a plan doesn't guarantee success, but it's better than what the 2011 Colts had.

Chase Stuart's analysis suggests that younger players are undervalued in the NFL draft.

In their handling of Johnny Manziel, Dan Graziano sees a general unpreparedness on the part of the Browns for dealing with attention.

Dan Pompei hears the Vikings were pleased with what they saw out of Teddy Bridgewater last weekend.

Greg Gabriel thinks the Bears' offseason moves have them ready to challenge for the NFCN title.

PFT Commenter got his hands on President Obama's speech to the Seahawks and a planned script for Michael Sam's reality show.

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