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Good Morning Broncos fans, and welcome to the very first edition of The Daily Lard! If you’re reading this today, you probably know me from my days of bringing you the morning news over at MHR, often under the pseudonym of nycbroncosfan. TJ, Em and I have started our own thing here, and while I’m going to reprise my role as the newsman, I’m going to change it up a bit. The OCD-ness which makes my wife’s eyes roll upwards is the same trait that made me want to gather every single bit of football news daily from the interweb and dump it into Horse Tracks. It probably got a little overwhelming for you to try to read through at times, as it eventually did for me to compile it all.

But at IAOFM, our stated goal is to bring you quality rather than quantity, and it sure would be a bit odd (and hypocritical) if I were to then send you all over the net to read what we actually deem to be garbage. And while these thingies are in the end just links dumps, I’ve always endeavored to do a bit more, by injecting a bit of my own opinions (and sometimes sarcasm) into the news where appropriate.

So, this is what you can expect from me each morning: I’m going to bring you all of the pertinent news, videos and analysis on the Broncos from the local guys and from the team. I’ll point you to any significant or interesting bits about the Broncos from the national writers. Plus, I’ll share what I think is the good stuff pertaining to the league in general. I might even slip in the occasional John Clayton link, but you can probably figure out what the purpose of those mentions will be.

Thank you for checking us out, and as always, please let me know when I’ve missed something worth reading or watching. You can find me on Twitter @nycbroncosfan or email me at nycbroncosfan@gmail.com. Have a great day, and let’s get to those links!


- To no great surprise, Ryan Harris has been ruled out of Sunday’s game due to his sprained ankle. Darcel McBath is also out, while Demaryius Thomas and Andre Brown are questionable, and Knowshon Moreno and Daniel Graham are listed as probable. For Jacksonville, KR Scotty McGee and WR Jarret Dillard are out, while RB/KR Deji Karim is listed as questionable. Here are the injury reports for Week 1.

- Legwold recaps the turnover and health issues of the offensive line. Plus, he foresees Eddie Royal returning kickoffs on Sunday, while Perrish Cox takes back punts.

- Aside from making sure the players are pounding jugs of agua, McD hasn’t changed up the Broncos’ preparation this week, despite the early kickoff and stifling heat and humidity.

- Klis examines the perceived move away from workhorse running backs. Me, I don’t buy it. Knowshon ranked 10th in the league with 247 carries in 2009. 30 years ago, Mark van Eeghen ranked 10th with 222 carries in 1980. I know I’m just picking a couple of random numbers, but still.

- The Greatest Ever thinks the Broncos video preview of Sunday’s game.”>will be victorious tomorrow and is impressed by Kyle Orton’s progress.

- Here is NFL Films’ video preview of Sunday’s game.

- Here are your local TV options - if you’re outside of the Midwest, San Diego or northern Florida, you’re SOL tomorrow.

- Mike Lombardi thinks Kyle Orton will excel tomorrow, but thinks the Broncos’ key will be whether they can stop Maurice Jones-Drew.

Other Stuff

- Champ Bailey’s agent is working with the Broncos on a potential four-year contract extension. The expectation is that Champ will end up getting less per year than Asomugha and Revis, and would be playing safety within a couple of years. Someone will have to explain to me how to reconcile this with the notion of Josh McDaniels’ evil master plan to de-Shanahan-ize the Broncos. I’ll be waiting…

- Bill Simmons does not envision the brightest of years (5-11) for the Broncos in his season preview. Plus, he thinks that after Sunday the Broncos will not be getting much love from Vegas.

- Meanwhile, the Onion thinks the Broncos are trying to amass a collection of craptastic QBs. (TB, I hope you don’t mind my use of a Ted-ism there…)

- As usual, Lombardi offers up some insightful analysis - this time on how teams can best avoid wasting high draft picks on quarterback busts.

- Fortunately, CHFF thinks the early evidence from our guy Tebow offers some positive signs, small sample size and inferior opposition aside. I have to agree - if there’s one number we’d want to look a certain way out of a young QB (preseason or not), it’s his YPA, and we’d want it to be high.

The Enemies

- Kevin Acee checks out the Dolts’ O-Line, which of course will be without LT Marcus McNeill for the foreseeable future. Arrogant jerk AJ Smith is psyched about Ryan Mathews and Company.

- Adam Teicher says Barry Richardson is the key to the Chefs’ O-Line. Like everyone else, Kent Babb would rather talk about Jamaal Charles.

- Jokeland thinks they can contain C2KJ. Plus, they expect an improved offense this year, as if that says anything…

Other Other Stuff

- FO put together a collection of what they deem to be their greatest hits. The non-Worldwide-Leader-subsidized Brian Burke was none too impressed.

- Judy Battista wrote an interesting article the other day about risk taking in the NFL and how coaches are perhaps learning to play the odds in making their 4th-down and onsides-kick decisions.

- Mike Silver put together a comprehensive summary of the NFL’s labor dispute. It will take you awhile to get through, but it’s a worthwhile read. Plus, here’s his weekly column.

- Mike Tanier offers his previews of this week’s games.

- Peter King is jumping deeper into the predicting business. In fact, he’s going so far this week as to guess what Tebow’s stats will be by the end of Sunday’s game. Can he really be serious?

- Pat White is off to play baseball.

- Tom Brady got his contract extended through 2014, with $49 million guaranteed. Oh, and somehow a recording of the 911 call from his car accident made it over to YouTube…

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