Predictable he said, he said between John Elway, Marty Magid follows contract gaffe

Following the stunning news that a fax snafu had resulted in the release of Elvis Dumervil after he'd agreed to a pay cut, both the Broncos and Marty Magid, Dumervil's agent, have shared their versions of events.

This drama has the potential to join Jay Cutler's alleged phone snub of owner Pat Bowlen, and Tim Tebow's claim that the Broncos didn't give him a choice between trade destinations, in the annals of Broncos communication breakdowns.

As usual, the truth likely lies somewhere between Magid's retelling, which he shared with USA Today's Mike Garafolo, and John Elway's, as told to Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Let's line them up to compare:

Time Elway's version Magid's version
Last Week Broncos seek 2013 salary cut to $6.5M  
Wed. Broncos raise offer to $7.5M, add $3M guarantee later on; agent turns down reduction, counters with restructure  
Fri. Broncos give 3pm ET deadline to accept $8M salary for 2013, $10.5M salary in 2014, and $11.5M salary for 2015 Broncos seek cut to $8M, raise 2014 salary to $10.5M, and guarantee $3.5M of it
1pm   In proposal sent by Denver, $3.5M is only guaranteed for injury, giving team chance to cut Dumervil next year; Magid lays out terms to Elvis, who takes time to think
3pm Magid tells Elway that Dumervil is declining pay cut; Mike Sullivan draws up termination papers; Elway/Fox discuss next move  
3:25pm Mike Sullivan announces Dumervil has taken deal, and faxes proposal to Magid/Dumervil Elvis changes mind and verbally accepts terms with 2014 salary only guaranteed for injury
3:30pm   Broncos send contract with lower 2015 salary, don't send correct proposal until after 3:30; Dumervil is in Miami, going to Kinko's to fax contract
3:31pm Sullivan emails Magid with updated contract  
3:32pm   Magid receives email from Sullivan, but notices numbers are again incorrect
3:40pm Sullivan sends corrected proposal  
3:42pm    Magid receives correct proposal, sends it to Dumervil
3:53-3:55pm Sullivan calls Magid, says documents haven't arrived, team will cut Dumervil Dumervil sends fax, receives confirmation
3:59pm Broncos release Dumervil  
4:06pm Broncos receive Elvis's fax  


Elway has since released a statement containing a less detailed timeline, but with times and facts that match the DP account. He says the team is currently reviewing its options, whether with Dumervil or other free agents.

Jason at OTC presents a structure for Elvis to return to the Broncos without altering the cash or cap considerations for either side.

Magid also spoke with Jason La Canfora; Mike Florio interprets his comments to mean the agent got wind that Dumervil could get more money with another team.

Mike Silver is blaming the fax machines, but he wonders if another team contacted Magid with a richer offer for his client.

Andrew Mason lays out Denver's options to potentially replace Dumervil.

As noted by Nick Groke, a similar situation befell then-Miami Heat guard Anthony Carter in 2003. Incredibly, Carter's agent took the blame, and he paid his client - out of his own pocket - the $4M he'd cost him.

Christmas Ape expects the Denver brass to reprise Office Space.

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