Harris says he’ll be ready for camp

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We're at another mini lull in the NFL calendar.

The league's spring owners meetings are taking place in Georgia tomorrow.

Players will be back at Dove Valley for OTAs next Wednesday.

Until then, let's check in on the key points from Peter King's MMQB column today:

  • PK expects the draft will move out of NYC next year - perhaps to Chicago - apparently in large part due Radio City having jerked the league around a bit.
  • Former LOLJets GM Mike Tannenbaum has reinvented himself as an agent, recently brokering Steve Kerr's spurning of Phil Jackson and deal with Golden State.
  • Owners will vote tomorrow on the site of SB 52, with New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Indy in the running.
  • Peyton Manning's commencement speech at UVA included a presentation of fiction as fact. Ugh.
  • Brock Osweiler interned for former Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter, an apparent wingnut who's running for Congress in Arizona on the platforms that often get support in that state (taking healthcare away from people, exerting control over women while claiming to be all about FREEDOM, and arming everyone).


Videos: John Fox and Isaiah Burse speak after Sunday's close of rookie minicamp.

Chris Harris predicts he'll be recovered from ACL surgery in time for training camp, but that he'll probably be limited until halfway through camp.

Obviously, Jack Del Rio is excited about all the new toys given him this offseason by John Elway & Co.

Denver gave their biggest UDFA signing bonus to Burse because they see him as both a kick and punt returner.

Gerell Robinson, who was Osweiler's top wideout at ASU, continues to work at tight end with Denver.


Kansas City is expected to sign tackle J'Marcus Webb; Philly re-signed WR Arrelious Benn, whom they'd cut last week.

The merger of AT&T and DirecTV may hinge upon a renewal of NFL Sunday Ticket, which is the only reason so many of us deal with DTV's weather-related signal outages.


Mike Tanier says the Broncos are relying heavily upon the notion of Ryan Clady returning to form this season.

Chase Stuart contrasts the different paths Cleveland and Minnesota took to drafting quarterbacks in the first round.

You know what's the worst thing about John Clayton's obsession with so-called trends? Similar things can and do happen in multiple environments, but that doesn't mean they share a causation. No, there's nothing specific in this column that made me think of this; it's just my big peeve with Clayton.

The LVH Sports Book has the over/under win totals for Denver and Seattle at 11.

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