Halloween in London Lard 10-31-10

Happy Halloween, Broncos fans! What’s to say, aside from the obvious? This is a must win for Denver, on so many levels. Pushing back memories of last week, calming a rabid fan base and local media, getting into the bye week on a winning feeling, among the more cliched ones. Perhaps none of those are truly important in a football sense, and today is again but one game, yet things could certainly get ugly with a loss today. On the flip side, it will surely be interesting to see/hear what the folks who claimed Josh McDaniels had lost his team last week will have to say if the Broncos win, and especially if they do so emphatically. I’d suspect there wouldn’t be much backtracking, but rather downplaying the value of a victory against what would be a 1-7 Niners team. Okay, I’ll stop speculating. Let’s get to those sparse Sunday links (lots of stuff about playing in England, not a lot on actual football)...


Broncos TV offers a look at the Broncos’ practice in London yesterday.

Here are Andrew Mason’s pregame questions and answers.

LJ asks Ryan McBean about his Jamaican upbringing.

PFW is hearing that Robert Ayers will be back within the next few weeks.

Legwold on the notorious turf at Wembley. BTW, have athletes been misusing the word “notoriety” less recently? Or have I just managed to tune them out? Actually, I’m going to borrow from TJ a bit here and steer you towards some music from my 1980s childhood. Our musical upbringings were a bit different - since I’m Asian, I of course grew up listening to “Asian music”. If you don’t know what that refers to, it means New Wave, ie. Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, et cetera. But enough about me, and back to the point. “Notorious” - one of the most oft-misused word in sports, and also a great 80s song by a different sort of 80s glam band (my kind) - Duran Duran. Enjoy, friends.

Somewhere in the middle of his rambling, Woody says Josh McDaniels’ job is safe.

Somebody at the DP forgot to attach the scantastic preview this week. I’ll share the link in case they figure it out…

LJ on the lengths Broncos fans went this week to see the Broncos play in London. She even gets a quote from Bert Jan Brand, who may or not be a reader but does follow us on Twitter. If you’re reading this Bert, enjoy the game!

LJ on some more traveling fans.

Klis says Broncos fans are angry at Josh McDaniels because of taxes. Really, Mike? Seriously?!?! Apparently, Klis doesn’t know that Colbert failed in his attempt at keeping fear alive yesterday…

Kiszla perpetuates said anger by printing various emails apparently from Chicken Little himself.

LJ on American football in London and the weekend’s festivities.

David White catches us up on Troy Smith and offers up the Niners’ keys to the game.

Could Troy Smith win the Niners’ starting job today? More on Smith and the Niners here.

Kevin Lynch previews the game.

Niners coach Mike Singletary reminds Jerry McDonald of Art Shell. Ouch.

PFW is hearing criticism that Singletary plays his rookies too much.


Kent Babb on the connection between the Chefs and lubricant. Plus, a look at how they match up with the Bills.

Here’s what to look for from the Dolts/Titans game. Can the Dolts stop the weirdness today?

Vittorio Tafur previews Jokeland versus the Sea Chickens.


Ahh, so this is what Bill Simmons meant when he referred to Jay Cutler as Jeff George 2.0 - David Fleming of Page 2 put together a striking comparison of the two, and clearly they are the same person. And to think, if Champ picks of that pass from Big Ben…

Dan Pompei throws a very unnecessary picture into his Sunday column.

Brian Burke shares his favorite links of the week.

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