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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's like clockwork, folks. Another day, another player hits IR. Another sunrise, another glaring bit of journalistic bumbling from the DP. Yesterday, Mike Klis wrote that Kyle Orton is only owed $2.879 million in guarantees in 2011 based upon the one-year extension he signed with Denver in August. Yet, Klis originally reported the contract extension as providing Orton with $5.5 million in guarantees for 2011. The same info was given on the DP Blog at the time.

Also yesterday, Jeff Legwold wrote that "original reports" put Orton's guarantees as being worth $8.1 million between the 2010 and 2011 seasons. He says that a review of NFLPA documents says that Orton is only due $2.879 million next year. No correction, no admission that the Denver Post was reporting incorrect information from their ironclad sources. Sure - this is of a much smaller magnitude, but it's otherwise the same as agent mouthpieces Jason La Canfora reporting the signing bonus attached to Donovan McNabb's contract as being worth $40 million. If we can't depend upon beat reporters to get simple facts like this straight, or own up to them when they've been hoodwinked by self-serving player agents, then exactly what service are they providing to us, their readers?


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Plus, a couple more gems from KSK. "Heart and Sole." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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