Gut Reaction - Wild Card Round: Broncos vs Steelers

The rumors of the fall of Tim Tebow have been greatly exaggerated.

In one of the biggest upset victories in Broncos history, Tebow did exactly what John Elway would have done--he pulled the trigger.

The game was electric; the pace was deadly; the results were amazing.

1998 never looked so good.

The defense was bend but don't break.  The offense was breakout.

Bring on the Patriots.  Stranger things have happened.

Today, I'm only giving Postives and nothing more. It's a playoff win, man!  Let it rip!  This one is for the readers.  Give us your thoughts on the first Broncos playoff win in six years!!!!!

The Positives

1. Tim Tebow had his worst game as a pro last week.  Today he had his best.  As I wrote in the intro, he was a rocket man.  If he could remotely resemble what he was as a passer today, the Broncos would be unbeatable.  He was nothing short of an unstoppable force of nature (and the biggest Jekyll and Hyde act this side of the Mississippi).  

2. The Broncos defense was bend but don't break in the first quarter.  They were Shawne Merriman lights out in the second.

3. Robert Ayers was angry, aggresive, and surprisingly quick.  It came at a great time.  Easily his best game as a Bronco today.

4. The Broncos utilized the zone-running scheme a ton today--for good reason.  The Steelers' huge defense just eats up the gaps when you try to block them in a man scheme.  It did not help much, but it was a smart move.  The Broncos offensive line also kept the Steelers out of Tebow's face for most of the game.  It helped that the Steelers lost their entire front to injury in the first quarter, but you can only play the guy who lines up in front of you.

5. Chris Harris, Champ Bailey, and Andre' Goodman all blanketed the Pittsburgh wide receivers.  I thought Mike Wallace, in particular, beat Bailey badly on the first drive of the game.  After that, he went into lockdown.  I've said it all season: Chris Harris is a starting cornerback in this league.

6. A lot of Broncos fans have said Demaryius Thomas couldn't run routes.  Those fans are idiots.

7. A lot of Broncos fans said Mike McCoy couldn't call plays.  Those fans are bigger idiots.  The bootlegs and waggles in McCoy's arsenal were the cat's meow Broncos' neigh, my maniac friends.

8. Eddie Royal, where have you been this season, brother?  His touchdown catch was a lesson in awesomeness.  It's too bad Royal will bail in free agency in the offseason (probably to Washington).  I'll miss him--specifically on punts.

9. Even though Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil didn't get sacks in bunches, they were around Ben Roethlisberger all game.  Cast or no cast, Von Miller gives everything he's got and leaves it all out on the field.

10. John Fox was as cool today as Samantha Fox was in the 80s.  Middle-aged coaches need love, too.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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