Gut Reaction: Week 7 - Broncos vs 49ers

Records are made to be broken, so they say.

When Peyton Manning is involved, though, they are simply broken to be made again. And again. And Again.

With every touchdown pass he throws, Manning rewrites the record books in orange and blue.

Is there any reason to think Manning can’t throw another 100 touchdowns as a Bronco?

No. No there is not.

The Positives

  1. Peyton Manning, we’re so glad we met. Otherwise, we’d still be arguing about Tim Tebow. And that got old real fast. Honestly, I’ve got better things to do, like listen to the Backstreet Boys’ Greatest Hits.
  2. Demaryius Thomas is a sizzling hot right now—hot like the girl at the bar wearing the bedazzled Peyton Manning jersey. Should you go and talk to her? In a word—no. She’s too good for you.
  3. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware are simply impossible for offensive linemen to catch. Chasing them all game is probably a lot like running a marathon through the streets of San Francisco.
  4. I’m always shocked when teams try to play man coverage against the Broncos. Every time they do, they get burned. Tonight was no exception.
  5. Sweet man coverage disguise by Aqib Talib on his interception. That’s a big-time vet move.
  6. Emmanuel Sanders is such a nice upgrade over Eric Decker. Looking back, I should have never doubted John Elway.
  7. Ware got credit for a sack on the third play of the game, but if you watched closely, you saw one hell of a swim move by Brandon Marshall, who caused the play to break down.
  8. Ronnie Coleman Hillman may be small, but his heart grew three sizes today.
  9. If Chris Harris isn’t the best corner in the league right now, he’s got dibs on the spot.
  10. With a short week and the Chargers coming up on Thursday, it was smart for the Broncos to rest some of their starters in the fourth quarter.

The Negatives

  1. Colin Kaepernick extends plays with his legs, and with Brandon Lloyd as one of his weapons, it’s not surprising to see the Broncos give up some big plays in the secondary. Still, that doesn’t make it any less irritating.
  2. If I’m an offensive coordinator, I’m scheming ways to try and get T.J. Ward in man coverage. Ward gave up one big play tonight to Stevie Johnson, but there could have been several more.
  3. Not sure why John Fox didn’t challenge Anquan Boldin’s non catch (my view) in the red zone. Perhaps, like the rest of us, he was still caught up in the euphoria of Manning’s record-breaking night.
  4. Paul Cornick started in place of Chris Clark, and in the running game, I think he was about average (I was hoping for a little more Paul Bunyan personally). His pass blocking could use a little work, but overall, it was one to grow on. He’s basically an afterschool special.
  5. When you grow up, your heart dies. Why else do you think Jim Harbaugh acts like such a child?
  6. Isaiah Burse is to the return game as Keystone is to beer. If it’s all you’ve got sitting around, I guess you should take a drink.
  7. Peyton Manning was sacked twice. That’s two sacks too many.
  8. A giant middle finger to the idiots who schedule at the NFL offices. The Broncos play a Sunday night game only to play on Thursday night on the backside.
  9. I’ve got news for you, Cris Collinsworth. Chris Harris is one of the most technical corners going. Collinsworth was trying to play the gritty card with Harris, but anyone that knows football, knows that Harris is more than some hick from Kansas with a great attitude.
  10. When I heard Peyton Manning lauding Brett Favre, I threw up a little in my mouth. Actually, I threw up quite a lot. I just swallowed it back down so you wouldn't think me rude.

The Who The Heck Knows

  1. You had to laugh watching the Broncos’ receivers play keep away with the football after Manning’s record breaking touchdown. Manning would have done nothing less to them.
  2. Watching Ronnie Hillman stand next to Terrance Knighton is like watching Tom Cruise standing next to any woman.
  3. I was titillated watching the Chiefs win in San Diego earlier in the day—so much so that I decided to go off by myself and make it an action verb.
  4. Nice freakin’ bow tie, Vic Lombardi. I’m about to put you in the category of eccentric. And you’re not supposed to get there until at least age 60.
  5. America is still the place where everyone gets a second chance. See: Cox, Perrish. But it doesn’t mean you get away from having to cover Demaryius Thomas.
  6. Watching Peyton Manning and Bob Costas go historic and encyclopedic on NFL quarterbacks before the game got me really excited. How excited? Let’s just say I was bedazzled.
  7. If you’ve not seen the skullduggery the Rams gave the Seahawks today, you should check it out. It was so good I can’t believe it didn’t happen to the Raiders.
  8. A four-receiver bunch set? Fascinating. A four-receiver bunch set used as blockers? Elementary, my dear Watson.
  9. Kyle Orton won again, while Jay Cutler lost again. And each had two turnovers. Never let anyone tell you life isn’t a ball of laughs, kids. If each was a member of the cast of the Breakfast Club, which cast member would they be? I personally think Cutler is Ally Sheedy.
  10. Before we get too carried away, let’s remember, this 49ers team was injured, coming off a short week, and playing on the road. Yes, the Broncos are good, but it’s only the second quarter, my friends, and the Broncos haven’t had to piss themselves yet.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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