Gut Reaction: Week 14 - Broncos vs Bears

Words can't describe what just happened.  

I have nothing of use to write tonight as I sit here in stunned silence.

How else can one describe this game?  I've seen an elephant fly.

I am as emotionally drained and exhausted as I've ever been after a Broncos game.

That was one of the greatest wins in the organization's history.

If you don't believe this team can make it to the Super Bowl after tonight, then you will never believe in anything.

The Positives

1. The value of Tim Tebow is his feet, and he showed it again today.  His escapability was fabulous.  No one converts a 3rd and 16 with their legs--except Tebow.  He also extended several other passing plays with this feet, cruising in and out of the pocket as the receivers zigged and zagged like frenzied ants.  Defensive backs have a hard time with this.  Before the game, Tebow gave some good insight into how to attack the Bears' Cover 2--which is, to attack them slowly, methodically, and to make less mistakes.  Executing that plan turned out to be as difficult as he expected.  However, in the fourth quarter, Tebow was Tebow--which is to say, a winner.

2. Von Miller said Dennis Allen makes him live up to a high standard on defense.  I agree with that.  Allen plowed the A gaps yet again today.  It's becoming a specialty of his.  Gregg Williams, who was Allen's mentor, could learn some things from his student.  I will temper my excitement slightly today, however.  The Broncos may have been playing against the worst offense in the league today outside of the Indianapolis Colts.

3. Speaking of Miller, he was his typical self--pure mayhem.  Caleb Hanie wasn't exactly Peyton Manning in the pocket to begin with.  Miller made him even less so.  Oh, by the way, Miller can shed guys twice his size with his leverage and speed as well as any of the Broncos defensive linemen.  Length and strength, boys.  You're either born with it or not.

4. D.J. Williams played like he was shot out of a cannon today, and that's not always a good thing.  He made a lot of plays but overpursued the gaps, too.  Overall, he had a great game.  His sideline-to-sideline quickness was on display, as was his ability to absolutly shred the A gap on the blitz.

5. Devin Hester is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Tebow.  Yet the Broncos did a great job of kicking away from him all day.  He may be the NFL's version of Speedy Gonzalez, but he's got to get his hands on the ball to make an impact.  Last week, we said that it would be criminal if Britton Colquitt missed the Pro Bowl.  I'd like to revise that now. It would be criminally insane; Roger Goodell would need a straitjacket.

6. Matt Prater is big time.  Just big time.

7. Marion Barber was born, and on this night, he revealed his purpose on this earth.

8. Chris Harris continues to prove that he deserves a shot as a starting corner in this league.  The Broncos would be wise to lock him up now long term.

9. Brodrick Bunkley can eat up a double team like you can a Big Mac.  Despite this, he still managed to grind out some critical tackles in the game. Marcus Thomas has been taking advantage and had five tackles from the three-technique.

10. Quinton Carter may not have had a lot of tackles today, but he was flying around like a linebacker.  Is it too early to say he's a better pro than Rahim Moore?

The Negatives

1. The Broncos continue to lead the league in three-and-outs.  You'd certainly like to see that number improve.  I guess someone has to be last in that category, though.  I'd prefer it to be the Raiders, but you can't get everything you want in life.  I'd rather have eight wins.

2. Blowing a timeout on 3rd and 7 when the Bears were in a simple shotgun tells me the Broncos mixed up their personnel grouping for the specific blitz package they had in.  Still, a mistake like that always comes back to haunt you; it certainly did this afternoon.  You think the Broncos offense could have used those timeouts while the Bears were draining the clock near the half?  You're damn right they could have.

3. Chris Kuper ought to have his head examined.  Why you need to call a timeout when you have a short field goal on 4th down is beyond me.  Add this to the list of stupid timeouts the Broncos have taken this year.  Tebow could have used those timeouts later in the game.

4. Is it just me, or has Eric Decker suddenly decided to stone his quarterback--I'm talking his hands, y'all.

5. Is it just me, or has Demaryius Thomas suddenly decided to stone his quarterback (4th quarter excluded).

6. Quan Cosby can do a much better job of knowing when and when not to fair catch.  Also, he was rather average as a returner, too.

7. Another game, another poor job on 3rd downs.

8. Another game, another poor job of managing the clock by John Fox.

9. Robert Ayers is, at best, a rotational player.  The Broncos ought to consider upgrading at that position in the draft next year.

10. The Broncos running game ran into a good Bears defense today. I guess you get back up and try again next week.

The Who The Heck Knows

1. I could write an entire thesis on the Jay Cutler trade, but the bottom line is that the trade ended up netting directly Kyle Orton, Robert Ayers, Richard Quinn, and Seth Olsen.  Indirectly, the Broncos got Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and Tim Tebow out of the deal.  Make of this what you will.  I suppose your view on this depends on how you view indirect benefits.

2. Josina Anderson was so hot in red this morning I passed out this provided some of the most valuable insight into the Broncos' strategy that you will find on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown.  I can't recall what that insight was, however; I kept thinking about this Motley Crue video.

3. As prep for today's game, I watched Carolina take on the Bears from Week 4.  The Panthers gutted the Bears in that game with the zone read.  It was the second time I'd had the chance to watch a Panthers game all the way through.  What did I see?  The same offensive formations and plays the Broncos are currently running with Tebow.  It made me rethink the narrative that is now being written by a lot in the media--namely, that John Fox and Mike McCoy are leading a revolution.  If anything, they were simply smart enough to watch the Panthers' game tape before my dumb ass got around to it.  That's why they make the big bucks and I spend so much time in my parents' basement.

4. I expected the loss of Jay Cutler and Matt Forte to give the Broncos the advantage today, but I underestimated the loss of safety Major Wright.  When you play a predominant Tampa-2 defense, safety play is critical.

5. Chris Mortensen said before the game if the Broncos win the next four games, the Broncos will committ to Tim Tebow as the starter in 2012.  Thanks a lot, Mort, for that stellar insight.  Next week, I can just hear him: "If the Broncos win their next three games, they will commit to Mike McCoy as offensive coordinator."

6. Even if Merril Hoge is the stupidest man on earth, I'm starting to become a fan.  He's become the whipping boy of both the nation and ESPN.  Today, Hoge had to follow Suzy Kolber's ringing endorsement of Tebow, followed by Bill Parcell's comparing Tim Tebow to Joe Montana, Steve Young, and John Elway.  Hoge went into his normal criticism of Tebow.  Mike Ditka then proceeded to blow a gasket. Only Ditka wasn't acting for a beer commercial.  He told Hoge, "Careful, you might learn something if you stop talking."  A few moments later, Chris Berman said he'd been watching football since he was a boy, and that he thought all that mattered was winning.  You're with me, Leather.  I, too, have been watching football since I was a little tyke, and I'm here to tell you that whoever scores the most points generally wins the game.  If Tebow keeps winning, I'm chuckling at the idea of Hoge sitting in the studio in three years--wearing one of those pregnant ties he wears--proclaiming Tebow can't throw while people continue to beat the hell out of him.

7. RG3's favorite team? The Denver Broncos. I knew there was a reason he won the Heisman, you know, besides, hard work, dedication, intelligence, and some of those other meaningless things.

8. New security measures were implemented today at SAF--everyone walking into the stadium got "wanded."  Is that a little kinky?  I suppose it depends on how much you like wands.

9. From the sounds and looks of things today, there were a lot of Chicago Bears jerseys in the stadium today.  I wasn't aware Brian Urlacher was so huge in this area, although he is a University of New Mexico graduate.

10. In other AFC West news, Josh McDaniels to the Chiefs next year is getting some serious traction.  And here I thought Matt Cassel's days in Kansas City were numbered.  Additionally, Aaron Rodgers made the Raiders look like shredded BBQ.  The Raiders' next three games include hosting Detroit, traveling to Kansas City, then finishing at home agaisnt the Chargers. I'd say the AFC West title belongs to the Broncos already.  All that's left are the formalities.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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