Gut Reaction: Week 11 - Broncos vs Jets

When you are winning a war, almost everything can be claimed to be right and wise.

John Fox is the wisest man in the land tonight.

I really am at a loss for words right now, but I swear I saw this film in Miami.

Can we save Broncos fans the drama and just throw out the first fifty minutes of each game?

I prefer to watch the good stuff, if you don't mind.

Let's rewire Tim Tebow's internal clock.

It was a great win by the Broncos.  Look out, Oakland.  The Broncos are coming. And Von Miller hits hard.

The Positives

1. I should just copy and paste Von "Blink" Miller in here every week.  Miller treated Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter like his own personal skate park.  Here at IAOFM, we've been saying Von Miller was the Defensive Rookie of the Year since Week 2 (if not sooner).  If he keeps up this torrid pace, Cam Newton had better start winning games, because Miller will take Rookie of the Year honors as well.  Miller will be the foundation upon which this franchise is built over the next six years.  Von said before the game, "I forget we get paid to do this stuff."   You know someone is in flow when that's the first thing that comes out of their mouth.  Von Miller is as close to the clone of Derrick Thomas as I've ever seen.

2. Mike McCoy once again broke tendency and passed on the first series of the game.  And the option/shovel pass was a pretty cool wrinkle. Admit it. Oh, by the way, Ted drew this up weeks ago if you were wondering.  Yeah, we are that good over here.  Tell all your friends we need 1,000 likes on Facebook. Do it NOW.

3. T.J. Conley, I can literally punt better than you, buddy, and I won't even pull a groin.  After all, I only have to punt the ball 14 yards.  Conley's first punt of the game was as good as a turnover.  Great name, bad punter.

4. Brodrick Bunkley went beast today, and for as much as I pick on Ryan McBean, he went beast squared.  Hell, for that matter, the whole defense went all Ozzie Osbourne (the bat eating and Bark at the Moon years).  Oh yeah, hail, Elvis Dumervil!

5. On the Jets rushing fumble touchdown, Joe Mays destroyed the fullback.  It was deadly.  It was like taking a left hook from Joe Frazier.  You had me at KABOOM, Joe Mays.

6. Britton Colquitt could be the team's first-half MVP if the team didn't draft Von Miller.  It was another stellar game by Colquitt.  He was a force in field position all night.

7. They forgot about Dre'.  Actually, they targeted Andre' Goodman a number of times, specifically in the 2nd half of the game.  It appeared as if the Jets came out in the 2nd half and decided getting after Goodman was in the gameplan.  He made them pay.

8. Dennis Allen = Buddy Ryan (w/out potty mouth).

9. Tim Tebow = Winner.  The record speaks for itself, and who am I to defy the technical definition?

10. Did I mention that Von Miller is the best outside linebacker in the game today?

The Negatives

1. Sione Pouha's run-stopping abilities were as good as advertised.  Injuries early in his career (ACL) derailed his potential, but now that he's had a few years injury free, he's living up to his status as a third-round draft pick.  Today, he unleashed hell on J.D. Walton.

2. At some point, you have to let Tebow throw, even if it's third and long and it's the beginning of the second quarter.  I don't care if you think he's the worst quarterback since Bobby Douglass, let him at least try and get you into field goal range. Come on, Fox, this is getting ridiculous.  

3. Speaking of ridiculous, how about the NFL's stupid rule that a team only gets two challenges a game (or three if you win both).  Under these rules, Fox made a bad call on his second challenge, even if he'd won the thing.  There are only so many bullets in the chamber, and as Ted pointed out in our chat during the game, Fox was trying for minimal reward for an average risk.

4. Teams appear to be catching up to the Broncos' ground-first game plan.  KC slowed it down, and now the Jets threw it into reverse.  Make of it what you will, but I'm not seeing an NFL revolution myself.

5. The Broncos were 3 for 13 on third downs today, which makes it just another bad game in a string of bad games.

6. Tim Tebow's play-clock management has to get better.  I feel as if I'm writing this each and every week.

7. Mike McCoy, do you get that when you are down 13-10 with eight minutes remaining, your playcalling needs to progress, not regress?

8. Dante Rosario, without you, this game is a loss, buddy.

9. Tebow's accuracy can improve, that's obvious.  Not much more I need to say.  I'm all Tebowed out, to be honest.  Same thing, different week.  We all know what he needs to do better.

10. Willis McGahee's hamstring is the first body part to make my list.

The Who The Heck Knows

1. Rex Ryan has a theory--the team with the most rushing attempts and pass completions generally wins.  Tonight that theory was proven to be complete garbage.  You just got Tebowed, Rexy Ryan!

2. Mike Mayock said before the game that the coaches and players have bought into Tebow.  If that was the case before the game, imagine the level of committment now.

3. More annoying after this game, Tebow's rabid supporters or Tebow's rabid detractors?  Can we put both together in a space capsule and let 'em drift in silent lucidity?

4. Kurt Warner had an interesting interview on the pregame show with Tim Tebow, in which you got to see Tebow break down some film.  I thought he did a pretty good job describing the zone-read in technical terms when he could have just said, "I faked out that guy who we leave unblocked for reasons I can't disclose."  I also thought he did a good job describing the defensive look, which goes back to my theory that he's not Dan Marino's Wonderlic score.  Suprisingly, Warner did try to bait Tebow by asking him what he thought about John Fox saying he'd be screwed running a traditional offense, but Tebow didn't bite.   Good on Tebow.

5. Speaking of Tim Tebow yet again, the entire pregame show mentioned Tebow one hundred billion times and Zane Beadles and Eddie Royal once--only because Tebow himself happened to mention their names.  It's getting pretty annoying.  Anyone ever heard of Champ Bailey, Von Miller, or, I don't know, Von Freaking Miller?  Later, I wanted to puke as the the NFL Network team threw up a graphic comparing Tebow's stats to Elway's stats during their first season--to Elway himself.  My buddy Ted Bartlett asked a few weeks ago "When the circus leaves town, what's left?"  I find myself wondering the same thing.

6. Elway, when asked whether he thinks Tebow can develop into a passer this year: "I do."  Is the worm set to turn?

7. Later in the same interview, he gave the "Tebow is a great football player" sound bite.  Did I speak too soon?

8. I saw Kyle Orton's picture on a milk carton.  If you see this QB, please call 1-800-GET-BACK or visit the website: (Note, I can't assure you this link is not porn or spam, so be warned, but Raiders fans, click away).

9. You're no #$@!ing Belichick, Rex Ryan.

10. John Elway looked like he was clapping in a tomb on the Broncos' last touchdown.  That's the look of a guy who appears to be losing draft capital with which to move up to draft a quarterback.  I'm starting to enjoy watching him sulk after losses.  Tebow may just force him to take a QB in the 2nd round at this point.  

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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