Gut Reaction: The Broncos re-sign Kevin Vickerson

I'll just start by saying that I'm very happy that the Broncos re-signed Kevin Vickerson.  He did a terrific job for them in 2012 and played a big part in them doing such a good job against the run for most of the season.  Along with Justin Bannan and Derek Wolfe, the Broncos' front-three did a nice job occupying the opposing five offensive linemen in the run game, and allowing the other front-seven players to flow to the ball.

Fundamentally, all things being equal, I always think it's better to re-sign a player than it is to sign a free agent from another team.  With an outsider, you face scheme risk, in the sense that you don't know if a guy translates to what you're going to ask him to do.  The Broncos know that Big Vick can play in multiple alignments, two-gap on base downs, and one-gap some in passing downs.  What they're doing schematically isn't really common, so knowing a guy can do the job is key.

As I mentioned to Doug, I was mad whan the Broncos let Brodrick Bunkley walk last year, but Big Vick ended up being a key factor in them actually improving their output on the defensive line.  I'm glad to see them bring back a productive guy and a good team guy, and unless the numbers are outlandish (which i find doubtful), I'm fired up about this re-signing.

While they're at it, the Broncos should bring back Bannan, and they should be preparing to draft a DT early on in April too.  Their whole defense is predicated on playing seven in the box, and you can only do that if you can clog up the running game with your defensive line.

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