Gut Reaction: Ravens coming to Denver next Saturday for a rematch

It's official--the Ravens are coming to Denver for a rematch.

After dispatching the Colts 24-9, the Ravens now bring their slightly-less injured team to altitude next Saturday on only six days of rest.

Since the game was something of a bore, here's what you need to know, summarized by Barry Wilner of the Associated Press:

[Anquan] Boldin set a franchise record with 145 yards receiving, including the clinching touchdown in the Ravens' 24-9 victory over Indianapolis in an AFC wild-card game.

With that, we'll remind you that when the Broncos and Ravens met during the regular season, Chris Harris held Boldin without a single catch.  Unless Boldin suddenly got faster and quicker, we're confident Boldin won't be repeating today's performance.

Boldin disagrees, of course.  After the game today he was already offering up what he thinks is going to happen next week.  Per Marc Sessler:

"We're looking forward to it," Ravens wideout Anquan Boldin told reporters after hauling in five catches for 145 yards and a touchdown against the Colts. "I was hoping we'd get them."

Asked how the Ravens plan to change the result this time around, Boldin was light on details.

"We'll make it different," he said.

Perhaps Boldin means he'll have one catch instead of zero.  

True, the Raven's defense is less injured (but not by much), and they got after Andrew Luck today, but as Tommy Jackson (yeah, IAOFM's Patron Saint) pointed out earlier in the day, the Colts were a 4-12 team masquerading as an 11-5 team.  In Denver next week, the Ravens will have no such luck.

And what about Cary Williams vs. Eric Decker?  Does it matter?  That's why God created Demaryius Thomas and let him play at five-thousand, two-hundred, and eighty glorious feet.

Get ready for another ass kickin', Baltimore.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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