Gut Reaction: Nick Bellore

Note: Bellore is apparently headed to the Jets instead of Denver

"You can never have enough linebackers," George Custer was rumored to have whispered to one of his generals.

The Denver Broncos seem to agree.

I like the signing of Central Michigan linebacker Nick Bellore tonight.  He reminds me a bit of another Broncos pickup, linebacker Mike Mohamed.  They are similar players.  Admittedly, Mohamed has more speed.  Bellore, though, brings more bulk. Both have a knack for the ball, as you'll soon see.

Because of Bellore's size, he was projected as a better fit for a 3-4 defense.  He's a prototypical old-school linebacker--part nastier, part nastiest.  Had he been faster than a 4.8 at the NFL combine, he would have been drafted by the sixth round, which sounds a lot like Brandon Spikes' story last year.

Am I comparing this guy to Spikes?  Certainly not.  Spikes played against tougher competition and was always inside.  I'm simply saying that Bellore isn't some throwaway free agent. He can hit you.  The Broncos need more hitting, and then when they are done, they need even more.

Bellore stands at 6'1 and weighs in at 245 lbs.  He was a four-year starter at Central Michigan.

Nick Bellore Highlights

Pros: Delivers punishing hits, can fill the hole straight ahead

Cons: Lower than average pass rush skills, lack of initial quickness,  concern he can't play sideline to sideline in the NFL

Straight Dope, Homie:  I like this signing a lot, if nothing else, because it brings more competition to the linebacking spots.  Bellore could work into a backup at ILB for the Broncos in their 4-3.  Linebacking hasn't been a strength of the Broncos in recent years.

We've heard a lot about Joe Mays recently.  Mays needs to put up or guys like Bellore will take advantage.  John Fox continues to add strength and bulk everywhere he can.

Got a thought on Bellore?  Bring it below, man!

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