Gut Reaction: Neither Tebow nor Orton

Last week, I mentioned John Elway's true intentions--get a quarterback in 2012.

Woody Paige confirmed this yesterday with Sandy Clough, based on hours of conversations with Elway and John Fox--namely, that the Broncos like neither Kyle Orton nor Tim Tebow (you can get the meat of this at the 13-minute mark).  Brady Quinn isn't even in the equation.

I've been asked how I can make such a claim.  Rather than repeat myself endlessly, I'll let Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power say it brutally and wonderfully:

Judge people by the results of their actions and maneuvers, not their words. Machiavelli calls this “the effective truth,” and it is his most brilliant concept, in my opinion. It works like this: people will say almost anything to justify their actions, to give them a moral or sanctimonious veneer. The only thing that is clear, the only way we can judge people and cut away all of this crap is by looking at their actions, the results of their actions. That is their effective truth.

This isn't about liking Tebow or liking Orton.  If you want to debate who's better and who should start, feel free, but it's not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about accepting John Elway's behavior for what it is, and not for what we hope it to be.  It's a simple matter of paying attention to the organization's actions rather than their soundbites.

What more do you have to see, Broncos fans, than these simple facts:

1. Kyle Orton doesn't have a contract extension.

2. Tim Tebow isn't playing.  In fact, to the contrary, we don't even know if he's the #2 quarterback.  

People on both sides will delude themselves with extraneous details, or pull some Aaron Rodgers/Philip Rivers narrative out of their pocket to justify the reasons Tebow is sitting.  In a dream world, Kyle Orton gives the Broncos the best chance to win now; Tim Tebow is being groomed to take over next year.

Save that fairy tale for the silver and black tourists.  Joe Ellis certainly is.

When everyone's favorite target, Mike Silver, came to town several weeks ago and did a Sherman's March through Broncos camp, John Fox came out the next day and joked about cooks.  Everyone in Broncos Country laughed with him.  I laughed at John Fox for pissing on the blue and orange carpet and taking the scent off of Elway.  It's as if Broncos fans have forgotten about Silver's long friendship with Elway, and that Elway has opened up for Silver plenty of times in the past.  To think that Silver would escape Broncos camp this year with such controversial quotes from the janitor or even Brandon Lloyd is completely silly given his access to and relationship with Elway.

This is what a new era of openness creates, though.  There are so many points of contact (Jim Saccomano, Patrick Smyth, Joe Ellis, Pat Bowlen, Brian Xanders, John Fox, John Elway, and numerous players and defensive coordinators), the organization can weave multiple narratives and create multiple leaks without getting into too much trouble.  Hell, they can even give John Elway his own 30-minute segment each week, in which he can take some real softball questions.

And if things get too heated, just tell them it was the cook.  It will lighten the mood and it might even keep all of the fans coming to the stadium as you slowly transition from Orton and McDaniels' homie, Tim Tebow, to the quarterback you hand pick.

You see, Elway isn't about to let the future of the Broncos rest on a quarterback he didn't choose.  He's not wired that way.  He saved the Broncos franchise once, and for an encore, he's intent on going down as the guy who picked the sequel.

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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