Gut Reaction: Broncos sign Terrance Knighton

The Broncos keep on working free agency, and they haven’t even had to cut Elvis Dumervil yet, as far as we know.  The signing of Terrance Knighton is another good one, assuming the money is reasonable.  As with Kevin Vickerson, Knighton portends to play a key role in keeping the running game clogged up with only seven men.

Knighton is another guy who Tom Nalen would call a fatty, tipping the scales at 330 pounds.  I call him a dude who can mash an offensive guard, and who can defend two gaps up front.  He’s also an excellent athlete for his size, and he played TE in high school in Windsor, CT.  (Shout out to my fellow nutmegger!)

Knighton started every game he ever played in while Jack Del Rio was his head coach, and then only started five games in 2012 under the ill-fated Mark Mike Mularkey regime.  I didn’t see a lot of Jags football this season, despite living only three hours west of Jacksonville, but my understanding is that penetration ability was valued more than it had been in the past, and that the scheme evolved away from Knighton.

He seems to be excited to be a Bronco, and if you click that link, you can follow him on Twitter.  I get the sense from a quick scan of his timeline that he's a good follow.

The main benefit of the Broncos' body of work through 26.5 hours of free agency is that it will now be able to employ a Best Player Available approach in next month’s draft.  I think there’s a lot of positional strength at DT, but if a better prospect at, say, WR, is sitting there, the Broncos can take the guy without wondering whether they’ll be able to stop the run in 2013.

Going into the draft from a position of strength is an excellent thing, and it leaves you a lot of options.  You can start thinking and acting like the Patriots do, and extract maximum value from the process, while lesser teams do foolish and desperate things.

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