Gut Reaction: Bryant Browning

(Note: Browning was originally reported as agreeing with Denver, but ultimately he chose to join the St. Louis Rams)

If you're looking for a rooting interest in this year's Broncos camp, look no further than guard Bryant Browning.

His story is one of overcoming adversity.  At twelve, his mother passed away after complications from surgery.  A week later, his aunt passed away from cancer.  Raised by his grandmother and older brother, Bryant channeled his life into football.  He overcame a year redshirting at Ohio State and truly didn't crack the starting lineup until he was into his junior year.

He eventually overcame all of this, however, to captain one of the most storied football programs in the country (no Tressel jokes, please).

Browning is a monster who goes 6 foot 4 and weighs in (in the neighborhood) at 320 pounds, so he's got the ideal size the type of running game John Fox wants to run with the Broncos.

Browning is not particularly athletic at a position that doesn't demand a ton of athleticism.  For this reason, he was always seen as a late round pick at best.  A hamstring injury at his pro day didn't help matters, which is likely why the Broncos got him as a free agent.

Bryant Browning Highlights (look for right guard #70)

Bryant Browning Interview

Pros:  Balanced, has good size, can maul if he wants to, played against top-tier competition, has the character and leadership attributes any team looks desires.

Cons: Average athleticism, could struggle in pass coverage, needs to work on foot quickness to play at the NFL level.

Straight Dope, Homie:  Hard to see Browning competing for a starting job with the Broncos' current line.  Could be an ideal backup at both guard spots in a John Fox power running game, however.  I could also see him working as an extra offensive lineman in goal line situations, a place where the Broncos were weak last year.  No defensive end wants to see a 6'4, 320 pounder lining up across from them with only inches for a score.

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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