Gut Reaction: Broncos sign Marcus Thomas

For once, I agree with an agent. 

Here's what Richard Bernoski, agent for recently signed Marcus Thomas, had to say only moments ago:

We're excited about the scheme that John Fox is running, it will give Marcus Thomas a chance to reach his potential and do what he does best which is penetrate to get up field to cause chaos in the backfield. He's been the most productive defensive tackle in Denver playing in a system that didn't fit his skill-set.

Bernoski knows his client well.  There was perhaps no player who had to fight his natural tendencies more in the 3-4 defense that Josh McDaniels wanted to run during his time in Denver.  

Thomas was never a fit as a two-gap defender.  He was simply out of place.   Despite this, he played with a lot of effort and held his own as a defensive end.  

Marcus Thomas is your classic 3-technique penetrator.  He split gaps and uses his quick first step to his advantage. 

Then he tries to unleash hell.

Of the defensive tackles the Broncos have looked at, Thomas may be the best fit for this new scheme of Dennis Allen.   That's because the key to free agency isn't simply bringing in new players.  The key to free agency is trying to project how the new players fit a particular scheme.  

Make no mistake about it, Thomas fits this scheme well.  He's the type of quick-off-the-ball player Allen needs at DT to run the standard one-gap 4-3 defense.  Further, he's the sort of lineman who can execute his responsibility in an overload blitz like the one here that I believe Allen will run.

I see Thomas playing a role similar to that of Sedrick Ellis with the Saints.   Watch how Ellis plays the 3-technique here on this sack:

Thomas may not be quite as quick as Ellis. Then again, in this system, he could be quicker--especially when Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are collapsing the pocket from the outside.

This was a good move by the Broncos.  Sexy?  No.  Necessary?  Absolutely.

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I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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