Gut Reaction: Broncos picks on film, late rounds

Another round of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure--without a defensive tackle.

I'll reserve total judgment until the free agency period ends, but the biggest beneficiaries of this year's draft were Ryan McBean abd Kevin Vickerson.

These videos feature Quinton Carter, Julius Thomas, Mike Mohamed, Virgil Green, and Jeremy Beal.

If you haven't yet checked out our videos from the first three rounds, you can catch them here.

Again, I've kept my commentary to a minimum because pretending to be Mel Kiper is both exhausting and ridiculous.

I also refuse to grade a draft of 23-year-old players in a few hours.  

What do you think of the new Broncos?

Quinton Carter, Round 4: Pick #108

Absurdly brief commentary: Carter packs a punch as advertised.  I can see him as a strong safety for the Broncos.  You have to love a guy who makes receivers pay the price for entering the deep middle zone (or whatever zone he happens to be covering!).  This guy has some linebacker in his soul.  As Mike Mayock said after watching the Broncos take Carter, he could be a special player if he would only trust what he sees in front of him.  That's another way of saying he needs to do a better job of reading his keys.   I predict Carter will start opposite Rahim Moore in 2 years.

Julius Thomas, Round 4: Pick #129

Absurdly brief commentary:  My favorite pick of the draft outside of Von Miller.   Brian Xanders has obviously been paying attention to how Antonio Gates has been shredding the Broncos over the last several years.  Thomas is a basketball player who can use his body in space.  He's obviously raw, but within two years, I imagine he is going to be a nightmare for linebackers and safeties.   You can see from this video he's raw, but already a solid pass catcher with 4.6 speed.  Brian Xanders really did his work on this one.   I'm not sure you can really ever pencil in a tight end as a starter in today's NFL, but Thomas is going to present problems for the AFC West.

Mike Mohamed, Round 6: Pick # 189

Absurdly brief commentary:  The video shows it all--Mohamed gets to the ball frequently, but it appears as if he might lack the closing speed necessary to make an impact.  Also, the bigger guards seem to give him trouble.   I don't see Mohamed cracking the starting lineup, but no one saw Zach Thomas doing it either.   What does taking another linebacker tell us about how the Broncos see their current batch? 

Virgil Green, Round 7, Pick # 204

Absurdly brief commentary: Green was scheduled to crash Round 2 or 3 before his microfracture surgery.  He's clearly a talent, and, if healthy, could end up being a steal for the Broncos.  In the 7th round, he's worth the risk.  From the video you can see he's smooth and will stretch defenses.  If Green and Thomas become good tight ends, it will give the Broncos a lot of formation flexibility in the future.

Jeremy Beal, Round 7, Pick # 247

Absurdly brief commentary:  Beal is a hustler and a "tweener," as my buddy Emmett Smith would say.  Thus, it's difficult to know exactly what the Broncos intend to do with him.  A few more pounds and could the Broncos move him to DT?  Or does he remain a DE?  A few less pounds and he's a LB.  One thing is certain: while they wait and see, he will deliver some hits on special teams.   Great pick here in the 7th round.  This is going to sound ridiculous, but I think he could eventually work his way into the starting lineup.   

Feel free to give us your thoughs after checking out these videos or if you've seen some of these players live.  Your opinion would be appreciated.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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