Gut Reaction: Broncos picks on film

You've probably seen highlight reels of the Broncos' draft picks on ESPN or NFL Network.  While highlight reels are fun to watch, they rarely tell the story of a draft pick. 

So I decided to hit YouTube for some actual tape of all of the picks and put them into one place.

I hope you enjoy.

I've tried to keep my own commentary to a minimum.  As you can see from our Chewing the Fat series in the last day, I really have been disappointed in the Broncos for not addressing the defensive line.  But the truth is, trying to pass judgment on a draft immediately is somewhat foolish (albeit great fun).  We are talking about 23-year-old kids here.  It's impossible to know how these picks are going to pan out.  Further, as fans, we simply aren't privy to what went on during workouts with the Broncos.  Marvin Austin's workout and interview may have told the Broncos more than any tape possibly could.  

Do I wish the Broncos were sitting wtih Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea on their roster tonight? Absolutely.

Could the Broncos have done the right thing by passing on them? You bet.  

Half the fun will be finding out.

Von Miller, Pick # 2

Absurdly brief commentary: This tape leaves little doubt about what the Broncos are getting with Miller.  If speed kills, Miller is a serial murderer.  Even on running plays, Miller is so quick, he can knife through blocks.  On those occasions he needs to stack and shed, he actually does it.   Miler is even more complete than advertised.

Rahim Moore, Pick # 45

Absurdly brief commentary:  This tape does little justice to Moore because it focuses mostly on running downs.  You've no doubt seen his highlight reels.  The kid can roam like Torii Hunter.  Here you see his potential flaw--taking on the run.  As my good friend Emmett Smith said tonight, Moore needs Brian Dawkins to show him around the weight room...often.  I predict that Moore will not be a starter in 2011, but will need a year, despite being the highest-graded safety in this draft.

Orlando Franklin, Pick #46

Absurdly brief commentary:  From these brief clips, you can see Franklin is a huge mauler.  I have no doubt that Franklin will start at right tackle; defenses will have to account for this monster.   I was surprised when looking at these clips how quickly he executes a combo block.  These clips also reveal his weaknesses: inconsistency and being too stiff and upright.

Nate Irving, Pick # 67

Absurdly brief commentary:  I was completely floored by this pick--at first.  Once I watched this tape, however, I was grinning.  Irving wasn't graded highly by the pundits (due to his car accident), but you can see from this tape, the guy is an awesome middle linebacker.  He has a knack for being able to avoid blocks, slide through the line, and find the ballcarrier.  He is rarely tangled up in traffic, and always seems to be near the ball.  Remember, this isn't a highlight reel.  I see Irving starting from Day 1.   He gets bonus points for cool hair.  

Doug Lee will have more in the morning, but now that you've seen the clips, what do you think?

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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