Gut Reaction: Broncos may lose Von Miller

Chill.  Just chill the f#$k out.

Everyone is overreacting to the news that the Broncos could lose Von Miller for four games.  Putting aside the moral judgments for a moment, let's look at this from a football perspective.

The Broncos won, on average, by 12 points last year.

That ranked them second behind the Patriots.

And the Broncos just added one of the Patriots' main weapons in Wes Welker.

So, we suddenly think this number is going down in the first four weeks should they lose Von Miller?

Three of the first four games - versus the Ravens, Eagles, and Raiders - are at home, while the one road game is against the Giants--a Jekyll and Hyde team.  

Peyton Manning determines how many games this team wins and how far they go, not Von Miller.  The playoff game against the Ravens last year is a perfect example.  In fact, every loss the Broncos had last year had significantly more to do with Manning than Miller.  Von Miller just can't affect the outcome of a game like a quarterback can. It's true with Manning and it will be true with Brock Osweiler--should he ever see the field.

Manning and the Broncos are going to score. They are going to be up on teams by the third quarter.  All that losing Von Miller means is that Miller will have fewer sacks by the end of the year. So don't feel too bad for the Broncos.   

You want to feel bad?  Feel bad for Vic Lombardi.

He couldn't release Miller's name all morning, and was scooped by Adam Schefter, forcing Vic to come on the radio and praise Schefter's greatness in getting confirmation of the news.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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