Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Ronnie Hillman at #67

It took the Broncos a few picks to get started, but they finally drafted an impact player.

And he was coached by Snoop Dogg as a Pee Wee League player.

It ain't nuthin' but a Ronnie Hillman thang, baby. Broncos on third down goin' crazy.

That's right, the Broncos just got better on 3rd down, my gansta-rap friends.  Ronnie Hillman may not be an every-down back, but he going to make things happen.  Think of Darren Sproles and you'll begin to wrap your mind around the player that is Ronnie Hillman.  Expect some big plays from this kid.

Before we get to the tape, let's make one thing clear: Lamar Miller might have been a better pick. Miller played against better competition and is a little quicker, but at this point, after taking Brock Osweiler, I'm guessing beggars can't be choosers. Only Brian Xanders can do that.  And Hillman isn't chopped liver.


  • Great vision
  • Agility, balance, and cutting ability in spades; leaves jockstraps on the field
  • Runs good routes out of the backfield
  • Tougher than you realize for a little guy
  • Surprises between the tackles
  • If he gets to the second level, he's gone


  • Undersized
  • Pass protection is below average
  • Not many yards after contact (when you can touch him)

Peyton Manning smiled for the first time tonight.  Third down just got a whole lot easier.

One, two, three, and to the four--Willis McGahee and Ronnie Hillman is at the door.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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