Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Brock Osweiler at #57

You wonder why the Broncos rid themselves of Tim Tebow?  Apparently, he wasn't tall enough.  

The Broncos said they were looking for impact players at the top of the draft.  If that´s the case, John Elway just lied to us.

Brock Osweiler is not making an impact in 2012.  He´s not making an impact in 2013.  And barring an injury, he´s probably not making an impact in 2014.  It turns out, the Broncos really do have a plan B. It just won't kick in for a few years.  

Although I mocked Osweiler to the Broncos in Round 3, I believe this pick is brutal in a lot of ways.  Allow me to count a few for you:

  • You just spent $18 million on Peyton Manning.  You could have spent this pick to help him--now.
  • You just spent $18 million on Peyton Manning.  You could have spent this pick to help him--now.
  • You just spent $18 million--well, you get the drift

Perhaps I'm just being too negative, and I suppose someday, this could be the Broncos' version of Aaron Rodgers, but I hate that the Broncos didn't take a Lamar Miller or Brandon Thompson.  In fact, give me a moment while I puke into a trash can...okay, I still don't feel any better.

Osweiler said he's going to pick Peyton Manning's brain, but we know how that turned out for Curtis Painter.  He's more likely to be on the sideline, without reps, picking his nose.

Now that I've gone postal, let's look at his tape:


  • Above-average arm strength
  • Decisive
  • Looks the part; he's tall (really tall) and has the size
  • Surprising mobility for a big guy
  • Slides in the pocket better than most college QBs


  • Throws like Philip Rivers (reportedly working on this)
  • Footwork is basic and raw
  • Inexperienced
  • Not great under pressure (as you'll see in this USC tape)
  • Another shotgun-spread guy who needs to learn to play under center

Osweiler's ceiling is high, there's no doubt from these tapes.  Again, let's hope he's the Broncos version of Philip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers.

That helps Peyton Manning (and his 36-year old body) how? 

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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