Greg Schiano gets the Mike Silver special

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Cam Newton and the Panthers (4-3) kept the Bucs winless with an easy 31-13 victory last night that makes Tampa Bay 0-7 for the seventh time in franchise history.

Newton continued his roll of efficiency, accounting for three touchdowns and topping the 100 mark in QB rating for the third game in a row, and fourth time in five games. He now ranks seventh in the league in QB rating, and his advanced metrics continue to creep slowly up (he's 16th in NY/A, 15th in ANY/A).

Carolina has won four of its last five (with each victory coinciding with a 100+ QB rating from Newton), making the seat under coach Ron Rivera considerably cooler.

Meanwhile, calls for noted dickhead Greg Schiano to be fired continue to increase, with a Tampa radio station purchasing a "Fire Schiano" billboard, and ex-Bucs speaking up about how unpopular their former coach is.

Of course, who better to deliver such quotes than Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow's shared BFF, Mike Silver?

One ex-Buc tells Silver that playing for Schiano is like "being in Cuba," while now-Seahawks DE Michael Bennett says Peyton Manning "cussed [Schiano] out" after the Napoleonic coach sent his defensive linemen at the legs of Denver's offensive line last year.

Bennett adds that "there's not much respect for [Schiano] in that locker room," and that Schiano is trying to emulate Bill Belichick to the point of nearly groveling at the Hoodie's feet during shared practices.

Following Thursday's loss, Bucs corner Darrelle Revis was asked if the players supported the coaching staff, and he responded with a telling, "I don't know."

The toxic coach is even inspiring Bucs fans to show up for games in Walter White getups.

Doug Farrar, Sam Monson, and Ben Stockwell analyze the game.


NFL Films previews Sunday's matchup.

If Chris Kuper and Orlando Franklin can't go, we may indeed see Winston Justice starting at right tackle on Sunday.

Obviously, there are many reasons to be excited for Wesley Woodyard's return to the lineup.

Do Broncos fans really have such twisted views of Mike Shanahan's brilliant Denver legacy as Jeffri Chadiha says they do? If so, well...that's a f#$%ing shame. We're talking about the guy who brought in TD, Eddie Mac, Stink, Romo, Neil Smith, Alfred Williams, Darrien Gordon, John Mobley, Trevor Pryce, Harry Swayne, Tony Jones, and Howard Griffith, brought back Keith Traylor, and elevated Tom Nalen and Rod Smith, aren't we?

Pat Kirwan focuses on the Broncos while discussing the struggles of some teams at converting on 3rd- or 4th-and-1.

Mike Klis declares that Peyton Manning might see a bit of "the cover 2" on Sunday, while Mark Kiszla mails in some putrid analysis of John Elway's work in the NFL Draft, completely ignoring the brilliance of the Malik Jackson, Kayvon Webster, and Julius Thomas picks.


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Obviously, KSK's Dan Snyder Photoshop contest turned up some real gems.


Thanks to the realization that having an exclusive helmet manufacturer stifles technological advances and conflicts with the concept of caring about player safety, the NFL has wisely chosen to end that narrow relationship with Riddell.

The league is reportedly considering selling off part of its Thursday night package to another network.

Packers TE Jermichael Finley was released from the hospital.


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