Greg Cosell on Denver’s 2013 draft picks

Anyone who's been reading this site for very long should know we're all big fans of the work done by Doug Farrar at Shutdown Corner, and by Greg Cosell at NFL Films. Cosell, in particular, is quite the film junkie, so his opinions tend to carry more weight with us than do those of most NFL analysts.

Over the past month or so, Farrar and Cosell have been devoting their podcasts to draft reviews; today, they're covering the AFCW teams.

Normally, we'd just write a line or two and recommend you listen to the podcast, but there's enough useful information that we've transcribed all of what we thought were Cosell's salient points regarding Denver's 2013 draftees. Here's what Cosell had to say, plus a few stray comments from Farrar:

Sylvester Williams

  • similar in terms of initial athleticism to Sharrif Floyd and Sheldon Richardson, although he rated Sly behind the two of them overall
  • grew on Cosell the more he watched him
  • early on thought, he was not a good finisher despite initial quickness, but improved as season progressed
  • later in the year, showed better balance, closing burst, finishing power
  • Sly can be 3-technique, played many positions at UNC including 1-tech
  • Terrance Knighton is primarily nose tackle, Sly is versatile and effective gap penetrator

Montee Ball

  • fast, aggressive, physical
  • volume runner, not spectacular
  • very solid player - very loose hipped, naturally smooth, gliding runner, with sharp change of direction
  • didn't hesitate, very decisive, ran downhill with power and in lots of zone schemes
  • very familiar with NFL running concepts
  • body movement really smooth, no wasted motion
  • also liked the more he watched him
  • really good fit in Denver
  • initially couldn't get a sense of whether he could be a workhorse/volume back in NFL, but he may be just that in PM's offense thanks to shotgun runs
  • will have to be good blocker in Denver, protection is #1 priority
  • Broncos obviously won't use any 2-back sets or substitute from down to down
  • wouldn't surprise him to see Ball and Ronnie Hillman rotate series; similar skill sets, but Ball is bigger, better player
  • pictures Ball playing two series, and then Hillman playing one series

Kayvon Webster

  • boundary corner (short side of field) at USF, which demands physicality, versatility to tackle in run game, and blitz
  • kind of liked him on film; intriguing kid
  • not surprised he was taken in 3rd round
  • has positional versatility
  • played with toughness; notes are mostly positive
  • biggest question is whether he's big enough to be starting outside corner
  • believe his quick-twitch ability and toughness mean he should be fine inside
  • maybe he was drafted in 3rd round because he's seen as slot guy
  • Farrar: fooled on motion, play action

Quanterus Smith

  • looked way quicker than Alabama tackle, Chargers first-rounder D.J. Fluker, beat him out of wide-9 alignment
  • exhibits size, length, movement, transition from speed to power, and understands pass rush
  • really quick, explosive at times, but at other times stiff
  • needs to get functionally stronger
  • boom or bust pick - 2-3 years, he's a really good pass rusher, or he's nobody
  • plays too upright at times
  • sub-package player
  • anxious to see how he turns out

Tavarres King

  • doesn't play to his speed all the time
  • not a true burner, but enough speed to win over the top
  • needs to get off ball cleanly due to slight build
  • fluid, long strider
  • plays tall

Vinston Painter

  • didn't see tape of him

Zac Dysert

  • better than a 7th-rounder, surprised he went that late
  • played primarily in a shotgun at Miami of Ohio
  • doesn't have a cannon, but can drive throws
  • college offense has lots of easy throws that a lot of guys can make
  • has real potential, could compete with Osweiler eventually
  • thought he threw the ball better than Matt Barkley
  • one major concern - inconsistent accuracy on easy throws
  • Farrar - throws weren't as good at Senior Bowl when offense more complex, lots of red flags
  • both Cosell, Farrar saw him as 4th/5th rounder

Tim Tebow

Farrar and Cosell opened by discussing the Pats' signing of the lefty who throws like he's a righty, and how could we resist?

  • Brady shouldn't come off field in critical situations for Tebow
  • would think him more likely to be on field with Brady, rather than replace him
  • throws the ball better than a typical h-back or fullback
  • Farrar: Sidney Rice throws a lot better than Tebow
  • Cosell: My guess is a lot of people do
  • Tebow would limit ability to run hurry-up
  • teams and the league tell you how they feel about players by their actions; the league told us that he's not a QB
  • Farrar: lots of blocking drills in his future
  • only having this conversation, about a third-string QB, because it's Tebow

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