Goodell agrees with Goodell, Goodell, and Goodell

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Commissioner Roger Goodell finally spoke to reporters about Judge Roger Goodell's two-game suspension of Ray Rice.

Interestingly, he says he agrees with Goodell's decision, and thinks Jury Roger Goodell does as well.

It's believed that Appeals Judge Roger Goodell would have upheld the length of the ban, had Rice been foolish enough to have challenged it. 

Of course, Rice admitted on Thursday that he was prepared for a suspension as long as eight games, and wouldn't have appealed.

Commissioner Goodell defended the decision by claiming that Judge Goodell has "remain[ed] consistent" in meting bans.

We'll take that to mean he's consistently shown that the NFL thinks smoking a plant or getting free tattoos is worse than driving drunk (we'll be interested to see how severely John Abraham is punished) or knocking one's spouse unconscious.

In the case of Josh Gordon, we may learn that hanging out with people who smoke plants is seen as the highest of all crimes.

Kate Fagan wonders why the No Females League doesn't take a stronger stand against domestic violence.

Obviously, the Jason Jones portion of this segment really hits home for us...


Videos: BTV on today's scrimmageKayvon Webster, and Will Pericak; John Fox, Marvin Austin, and Will Pericak speak after Friday's practice.

The officiating crew at practice threw plenty of flags on the secondary, which Troy Renck thinks is all a direct response to the Legion of Boom.

Jack Del Rio says Lamin Barrow is improving daily, he's been impressed by how quickly and well Chris Harris has returned from ACL surgery, and he likes Webster's tenacity.

Bradley Roby starred on Friday, when Amigo Mark Jackson was in attendance.

Kapri Bibbs says he's learned plenty from his fellow running backs, including Montee Ball, who admits he was a bit intimidated early last year by playing with Peyton Manning.

Meanwhile, Juwan Thompson's skills in the passing game may have him ahead of fellow undrafted backs Bibbs and Brennan Clay.

Sounds like the Broncos are back to their pre-Trindon Holliday problem of having no idea who will be returning punts and kicks.

Especially important for any young pass rusher, Quant Smith is apparently employing multiple moves to get to the quarterback.


Seven men will be inducted to the HOF this afternoon. Going forward, inducting a non-player will not take a spot that otherwise might have gone to a player.

It will be a sad day around here if Jerome Bettis's having been "consistent and reliable" gets him into the HOF before the historically dominant and spectacular Terrell Davis.

But Scott Kacsmar predicts that's exactly what will happen.

PFT Commenter roasts Michael Strahan on his way into the HOF.


Arizona added tackle Max Starks; Houston cut 2013 fourth-round LB Trevardo Williams.

Green Bay may have lost fifth-round WR Jared Abbrederis to a torn ACL; Seattle placed DE Jesse Williams and TE Anthony McCoy on IR.

Still recovering from a knee scope, Knowshon Moreno doesn't know if he'll suit up for Miami this preseason.


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