Going Deep Lard 12-4-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! All four players who were on the injury report this week are out tomorrow - Brian Dawkins, Darcel McBath, Andre' Goodman and Demaryius Thomas.

To everyone who still thinks winning football games is about running the ball and controlling the clock, Brian Burke has  some more evidence to the contrary. For all those who are still upset about the Broncos' having spent several high picks on their (passing) offense over the past two years, it's a must read...

Teams should invest in draft picks and free-agents who can consistently get large chunks of yards, and invest in the practice time needed to perfect deep routes. And if you already are one of those teams who can throw deep, you should probably do it more often.


Broncos TV previews the game.

Josh McDaniels spoke with the press yesterday.

John Elway spoke to Vic Lombardi and Gary Miller yesterday. (Audio)

McDaniels said Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn are close in competition but the difference on game days is often Tebow's versatility.

He also responded to questions about what has changed since the Broncos started 6-0 last year.

Legwold on the Pro Bowl chances of Orton and Brandon Lloyd.

Oh, brother. Legwold tries to make the case that the Broncos could have to rebuild from where they are now.

He then keeps piling on McDaniels in his Q&A.

LJ's notes.

Mike Silver makes the case that Josh McDaniels needs a strong GM to work with and writes a tune on behalf of Josh, to boot.

Elvis Dumervil's disgraced agent Gary Wichard has been suspended by the NFLPA for 9 months.


Jamaal Charles has already hit 1,000 yards despite sharing carries with Thomas Jones.

Notes on the Chefs, who are still a bit banged up in their secondary.

Chris Jenkins on the Dolts' rushing attack.

San Diego's key offensive players should be good to go Sunday.

Jokeland's defense is hurting right now.

Notes on Jokeland.


The Jets have lost S Jim Leonhard for the season.

Sorry to pour salt in the wounds of those who wanted the Broncos to draft Maurkice Pouncey in April, but here's a terrific story about his relationship with his twin brother Mike and their upbringings.

The Niners and their fans get to revisit the Alex Smith/Aaron Rodgers decision on Sunday. Whoops.

Mike Vick is still under a lot of financial water.

The best of the week's quotes, according to FO.

Mike Lombardi previews the week; he's heading to Arrowhead for the game.

Here's what Brian Burke has been reading.

Aaron Schatz shares some data on who's leading the NFL in hits, hurries and holding penalties drawn.

Bill Simmons is taking giving the (9) points and the Chefs.

Tanier is going with the Chefs in his weekly picks.

A week after predicting how many FG attempts Rian Lindell would have (shockingly, he was way off), PK takes a shot at how many targets WR Michael Jenkins will see from Matt Ryan. If anyone has an idea for a more obnoxious column idea, I'd love to hear it...

Esquire has come up with some new hairdos for Tom Brady. My favorite? Jersey Shore. My wife's? The Beiber. What's yours?

Oh, and I think I forgot this one - KSK envisioned Brady in his new UGGs.

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