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Good Morning, Broncos fans! During Josh McDaniels' Monday presser, the subject of the orange jerseys came up, and the coach said he'd be all for switching to them permanently. But unfortunately, it's not his call - it's Pat Bowlen's decision. Mr. B must realize that anyone old enough to remember the pre-1997 jerseys firsthand associates the Broncos with the color orange, John Elway, Mile High Stadium, the altitude, the South Stands and a magical home-field advantage. Unfortunately most of those are gone, and the only ones that could be making a Broncos comeback would be the color and the advantage. Well, how about it? Personally, I'd prefer to turn the clocks back completely to 1996 and bring back the old logo as well - I find that the current logo and uniforms are too 1990s-ish and call to mind every major sports franchise formed during that decade - the Panthers, Jaguars, Ravens, Rockies, Marlins, Devil Rays, D'backs and so on. Heck, the day Mr. B unveiled the Swoosh-y new uniforms, the entire NFL world laughed as he called them "predominantly orange." So, I say let's go back to orange - if not all the way back to the old jerseys and logo, then at least to the third jerseys. What do you think?


Josh McDaniels met with the press yesterday.

Todd Haley apologized for not shaking McDaniels' hand on Sunday, while the latter explained why the Broncos kept their starters in for the game's entirety.

Adam Teicher covers it in more detail, including the suggestion that perhaps Haley wasn't fond of McDaniels before the game, either.

Mason makes the case to make the Broncos' third jerseys their primary ones going forward.

Krieger takes it a step further - he's beginning a campaign for the Broncos to go orange all the time.

Legwold points out that the Broncos have had a recurring problem all season involving the simple issue of putting 11 men on the field. Inexcusable...

He also addresses the success of Denver's 3-4 look on defense.

Klis offers up and excellent mailbag.

Plus, he looks at Denver's remaining schedule and sees hope. Finally, a couple tidbits from McD's presser.

Meanwhile, Legwold responds to an odd question about moving Demaryius Thomas to tight end.

Notes from Legwold, including some more dumb "statistical" work. Go figure - the Broncos under Josh McDaniels do better with a first-quarter lead. Yeah, probably the only coach in history to exhibit that sort of thing. More likely, the same can probably be said of any coach in any sport for all of history...

LJ peeks ahead at the Dolts.


Well, the Dolts are in the familiar position of having a key game against the Broncos to assert their position within the division. Hopefully history fails to repeat...

TE Antonio Gates and RB Ryan Mathews did not practice yesterday, although it sounds as if Gates will make it back for Monday's game.

However, the Dolts are otherwise regaining their health. Plus, they signed S Pat Watkins and released WR Gary Banks, ostensibly to shore up their failing kick coverage.

Unfortunately for San Diego, getting a new stadium does not absolutely mean they'll get to host Super Bowls.

Al Davis Tom Cable has decided that Jason Campbell will start at QB Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Langston Walker had something to say about The Crypt Keeper and the reputation of his meddling.

An arbitrator has ruled against Lane Kiffin in his claim against Jokeland.


The Skins gave up 59 points to the Skins last night, just hours after agreeing to give Donovan McNabb $40 million in guarantees as part of a 5-year contract extension. Yes, this is the same McNabb who turns 34 next week, has a 75.2 QB Rating, more interceptions than touchdowns, and was either too dumb or out of shape to run the two-minute offense a couple of weeks back. Shanny, Shanny. Still love you, but what in the world are you thinking about?!

Mike Silver is puzzled by the contract's timing.

Matt Bowen on Michael Vick, who accounted for an eye-popping six touchdowns last night.

Mike Lombardi is encouraged by what the Broncos did on Sunday and thinks they can legitimately contend in the West if they can keep running the ball well.

Pat Kirwan says Jerry Jones has gotta give Jason Garrett some breathing room.

There will be no Super Bowl this year, because Peter King says there are no Super Bowl teams. In fact, the obnoxious King leaves the top spot in his oh-so-holy "Fine Fifteen" list blank. To top it off, PK had chili with the Commish and shared a picture of the two bibbed men. What a jackass. Plus, PK says Sunday marked the "emergence of Tim Tebow as a passer and a runner." A bit much, but okay. McDaniels told PK that we can expect Tebow to pass the ball more going forward. This is good - more time spent by opponents game-planning for Tebow...

Thankfully, KSK interprets MMQB for all of us lowly non-Peter Kings.

Aaron Schatz skewers McDaniels' handling of the Broncos' final drive before halftime. I have no problem with going for points, but I did think that kicking from 58 yards with that much time was only inviting disaster, which almost arrived.

Bowen examines the Bears' stifling defense.

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