Glazer: John Elway, John Fox didn’t have a great relationship

Last updated: Jan 12, 2015 8:29 PM

Continuing in his role as John Fox's water carrier, Jay Glazer says Fox's split with John Elway was a long time in the making:

This is actually a situation that has been going on for quite some time and I said yesterday on FOX NFL Sunday, ‘There are teams that are looking at the Denver Broncos, because if they lose, John Fox might become available.’  The reason I said that is because I already knew that there was a chance that John Fox was going to come available, just because the working relationship there between he and John Elway, it wasn’t the greatest working relationship.  With John Elway and John Fox, it started off great, but then it started not working out. 

John Elway looked at this season as, ‘This is all or nothing, with what we spent, you’ve got to go win us a Super Bowl.’  And the relationship between Elway, not just with Fox, but with the entire coaching staff, they both needed a split from each other.

Maybe it was all the mistake-, turnover-, and penalty-filled games.

Perhaps it was Fox's extreme predilection to kick the ball on fourth down.

For sure, it was Denver's tendency to show up small against big opponents. John Fox's Broncos did not lose often, but when they did, they tended to get dominated, including by Indy, Cincy, St. Louis, and New England in 2014, and by Seattle and San Diego in 2013.

Undoubtedly, it was the playoff flops.

Sunday's was an all-phases loss. For SB 48, the team was unprepared for a noisy crowd, was physically dominated, and punted in plus territory while down 29 points. The mistakes against Baltimore are too long to list again.

Per Lindsay Jones:

Elway will likely want his next coach to be aggressive, both in concocting schemes as well as in play calling, as well as someone with good motivational skills.

Fox was highly criticized for conservative play-calling in the loss to Baltimore two years ago. The Broncos called a run on third-and-7 and then punted late in regulation, giving the Ravens time to score a game-tying touchdown. Manning then took a knee at the end of regulation.

Former Broncos receiver Rod Smith, a longtime teammate of Elway's, told USA TODAY Sports shortly after that game that Elway never would have taken a knee. Elway would have taken a shot, Smith said.

Fox's supporters always point to his 46-18 regular season record. But over the past three years, Denver has gone 1-5 against the other elite teams, New England and Seattle. (We won't include the two 2011 losses to New England for obvious reasons.)

Obviously, we know which record John Elway thought was more important.

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