Ginger is Hammerless in ref dispute Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's appearing as if the officiating lockout will continue into the forseeable future, as if Jerry Jones's comments yesterday didn't establish that already.

The two sides met on Tuesday for the fourth consecutive day, but reportedly made little or no progress toward a deal. Incredibly, the NFL still has the nerve to spin this dispute as being about raising the quality of officiating, rather than about taking away pensions of the refs who are now so sorely missed.

Mike Freeman hears that Roger Goodell would have settled this dispute months ago were he anything more than a lapdog for the league's owners, but he also suggests that Ginger's lack of assertion may cost him his legacy as Commish. Freeman says an end to the impasse could come this week - and he's betting on a deal coming this weekend - but he hears the prideful owners don't want to appear to have been swayed by what happened on Monday.

But these owners aren't just prideful; they're a lovely mix of Lucky Sperm Club members and hardened business bullies who simply aren't used to hearing no as an answer.

Expectedly, there's been quite an uproar in Wisconsin, where America's new favorite union buster even calling for the real referees, and a Green Bay TV station used a replacement weather person in protest. Aaron Rodgers went on quite a rant about the debacle on his radio show, and his teammates discussed the possibility of going on strike during their painful flight home. They also lit up the Twittersphere with their outrage.

And yet, some dummy wearing a Packers shirt actually posed for a photo with the guy who screwed her team out of Monday's result, and who was apparently deemed not good enough to be a D-1 ref this summer. As for the qualifications of the other scabs, some of them were fired from the freaking Lingerie Football League for their ineptitude.

Andrew Brandt presents his solutions to the impasse; Drew Magary thinks Goodell should be fired; even Tim Donaghy sees a problem here; anyone figure Ed Hochuli for an emoticon user?

ESPN's Ashley Fox pulls the old I don't have a pension so why should those guys? card that is such a drain on American society, while noted asshole Gregg Easterbrook thinks the scabs should be rewarded for their performance by getting first crack at future officiating job openings.

How big was Monday's blown call? As big as it gets.

Perhaps the only positive emerging from this mess is the abundance of comedic inspiration.


The appeal of Joe Mays's suspension will be heard before Sunday; he was also fined $50K by the league.

Jeff Legwold suggests the eight sacks taken by Peyton Manning could contribute to a change along the offensive line, whether at left guard or at center.

Mike Klis thinks Manning's comeback attempts are masking major flaws, and that his receivers need to get used to the ball arriving sooner than they're accustomed to, but he expects Eric Decker to become more surehanded with time.

As we've noted, the Broncos have a slew of great tight ends coming up on their schedule.

Denver's defensive line graded out quite well against the run on Sunday according to PFF.

John Elway doesn't appear to have addressed the officiating debacle in his latest podcast.

Eric Decker's new wife apparently doesn't understand that his job comes with criticism, because she's hunting down tweeters who are puzzled by the wideout's slide on Sunday.


Oakland waived Carl Ihenacho (brother of Duke) and signed former Packers LB Vic So'oto; Kansas City added old friend Russ Hochstein and placed CB Jacques Reeves on IR.

Washington is expected to sign RB Ryan Grant; Mini Shanny was fined $25K for his postgame tirade; Philly replaced punter Chas Henry with Mat McBriar; Buffalo also swapped punters, dumping Brian Moorman for Shawn Powell; Detroit placed punter Ben Graham on IR and brought back Nick Harris in his place; Indy cut lineman Trai Essex and signed CB Darius Butler; Tampa Bay signed WR Roscoe Parrish and waived WR Jordan Shipley; the Jets signed RB Jonathan Grimes off Houston's practice squad.


Andy Benoit analyzes Bears/Rams, Bills/Browns, and Titans/Lions; Chris Brown breaks down Larry Fitzgerald's touchdown against the Eagles.

The Cardinals are 3-0 despite having been an underdog in each of their games; Chase Stuart compares them to the other six teams to have achieved that feat in the last 35 years. 

Khaled Elsayed lists the best (Ryan Clady) and worst (Demaryius Thomas) players from Week 3. Although Manny Ramirez didn't make the list, that appears to be an oversight, as his minus-4.1 grade is worse than that of Quinn Ojinnaka's.

Scott Kacsmar revisits the week's successful and failed comeback efforts and details the struggles of the game's great quarterbacks so far.

Bill Barnwell critiques some of the worst coaching decisions of Week 3.


3.5 years after acquiring Jay Cutler, the glow is off for one Bears fan, who breaks down film to show what makes Jay such a sloppy quarterback. now has an entire page dedicated to Timmy's "highlights" with the Jets. TYJE (via SOB) At least Teebs's fame earns him some perks, such as a lifetime membership at NYC's Museum of Sex.

Former Cy Young Award-winning closer Eric Gagne claims in his new book that 80 percent of his Dodgers teammates used PEDs.

As terrible as the officiating is, the damage it's causing is nothing in comparison to the potential of a looming bacon shortage

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