Fun with projections, 2014 Week 7 edition

Thursday's game against San Diego will probably be one of those 23-20 slugfests.1

That gives us just under three days to pretend the Broncos are going to continue on the exact same pace they've established over six games.

Of course, it's extra fun to do this after a 42-17 all-phases blowout win over a supposed SB contender.

Anyway, here goes nothing:

  • The Broncos are on pace for 504 points, which would be 102 fewer than they scored in 2013. Still, it would be the second most in franchise history.
  • More importantly, they're on pace to allow 323, which would be 76 fewer than last year's team allowed. By higher math, this means the Broncos have a worse point differential than last year. Still, would anyone trade this defense for last year's? Didn't think so.
  • Through six games, Peyton Manning has 19 touchdown passes, which is a pace for 51 over 16 games. 51 would be good for second most all time, ahead of Tom Brady's 2007 season. You know who has the record.
  • Peyton's on pace for 4,928 yards, which would be the second most of his career.
  • After three monster games, Demaryius Thomas is on pace for career highs in catches (104), yards (1,765), and touchdowns (16). And yes, he's in a contract year. No, we're not suggesting he's trying harder because it's a contract year. We're suggesting he's gonna get paiiiiiiiid.
  • 16 touchdowns is a pittance compared to Julius Thomas's 24 touchdown pace. Randy Moss set the single season mark with 23 in 2007.
  • Emmanuel Sanders is on pace for 101 catches and 1,371 yards. He had 67 and 740 last year; both were career highs. Remember all the Stillers fans who said good riddance a few months back? LOLZ.
  • Von Miller (21) and DeMarcus Ware (19) are on pace to combine for 40 sacks. Only 17 players in history (or since sacks have been tracked, which isn't really that long) have reached the 19-sack mark. Chris Doleman and Keith Millard have the NFL record for a pair of teammates, with 39.
  • Brandon Marshall, who spent most of 2013 on the practice squad, is on pace for 152 tackles.
  • Chris Harris is on pace for 27 passes defensed; his career high is 13, set in 2013. The stat has only been tracked since 2001, but since then, only three players have had that many - Darrelle Revis, Troy Vincent, and Sheldon Brown. Making this feat seem less impressive is that Deltha O'Neal had 25 passes defensed for the Broncos in 2001, probably because opposing quarterbacks threw at him 40 times each week.


  • This is, in all honesty, pure statistical hackery. Projecting stats is, at best, fun.
  • Performing this exercise after a blowout like Sunday's means we're picking the best (worst) time to do this.
  • Honestly, we'll be surprised if more than one or two of the above projections actually happens. The likeliest to occur? We'll go with the first two.

1 Just kidding, of course. Manning is going to light up Shareece Wright and Richard Marshall to the tune of five touchdown passes

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