McDaniels expected to interview for Pats OC gig

It looks like Josh McDaniels will be interviewing to get his old job back. No, not that one. With Patriots OC Bill O'Brien reportedly heading to Penn State to take over their HC gig, McDaniels received permission from the Rams (who fired HC Steve Spagnuolo earlier in the week) to seek out a new position for himself, and the Pats have subsequently sought the Rams' approval to chat with their former assistant. It'll be interesting to see which way McDaniels goes should he have a choice between going back to New England and joining Scott Pioli and possibly Romeo Crennel in KC.

In other news, Chicago has promoted Mike Tice to replace Mike Martz as their OC, meaning the Jay Cutler/Jeremy Bates reunion will again be delayed.

Another unexpected development is that Baltimore personnel director Eric DeCosta will forego the chance to interview with the Rams, Bears and Colts. This suggests that DeCosta has been promised the Ravens GM job whenever Ozzie Newsome decides to hang it up.

Meanwhile, Jeff Fisher has declared that he is only considering two HC vacancies: St. Louis and Miami.

As for the Jaguars, who are expected to interview Broncos OC Mike McCoy sometime this week, they will also be meeting with Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer. And speaking of nepotism and Broncos coaches, Raheem Morris, who interviewed with Mike Shanahan for a job on the Redskins defensive staff and worked with Kyle Shanahan at Tampa Bay, will reportedly be getting a shot at the Vikings DC gig.

Indianapolis will interview Cowboys personnel man Tom Ciskowski and Falcons scouting director David Caldwell for their GM gig.

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