Friday Trivia Trough: Super Bowl edition

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest gluttonfests in the United States, second only to Thanksgiving. Being that we're only two days away from SB XLV, it's time to start stretching out our stomachs - and what better way than by stepping up to the trough for some tasty trivia? In honor of that greatest of sporting events, today's Trough consists entirely of Broncos SB trivia. It's pretty high on the difficulty scale, especially since our team's first four visits to the big stage were entirely forgettable. As always, you are not required to respond to questions in order - you can navigate around the quiz by clicking different questions of your choosing. Good luck everyone, no cheating or peeking, and feel free to post your scores and discuss the answers in the comments!

Click here for Sporcle quiz:
Can you name the following SB Broncos of note?

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Trivia Trough