Friday Trivia Trough: Players with 10 or more TDs as Broncos

Forget yards, catches, YPA, QB ratings, tackles and interceptions. Just like every other team sport, football comes down to scoring points, and there's no quicker way of doing so than by getting the ball into the end zone. Since the team's inception in 1960, there have been 48 players who scored at least 10 touchdowns while members of the Broncos. Why 10? Obviously, 10 touchdowns over the span of a career spent with a team isn't much, but frankly I like to give you challenging quizzes that help you kill more of your Friday workday actually take more than a few minutes. Anyway, as always last names are good enough and answers do not need to be submitted in order, and I've allowed for a few misspellings that I can think of. Feel free to discuss answers and your scores in the comments, and good luck!

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Can you name the Players with 10 or more touchdowns as Broncos?

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Trivia Trough