Broncos re-sign Joe Mays, tell other free agents they are “on hold”

12:36 am Jeff Legwold says on CBS 4 (Denver): I think a lot of people in Tennessee think he's [Manning] going to end up here [Denver]. A lot of people in Denver thinks he's [Manning] going to end up there [Tennessee]...Denver offers pretty much everything on the checklist. 

12:18 am DJ Williams just claimed he has "40-inch pythons."

Do pythons qualify as "non-human?"

12:00 am Woody Paige fires something off late into the night. He writes: Without Peyton, the Broncos will keep Tebow as the starting quarterback "going into training camp,"...Tebow will say he'll use the course of events to motivate himself to become a better quarterback. It's not as if he has a choice, with a contract for two more seasons.

Woody has contacts inside Camp Tebow, so maybe he's leaking this to blunt the rumor that Tebow will ask out of Denver.  Of course, the other alternative is that he's wishful thinking. We're just surprised Woody stays up past 9pm.

11:00 pm TJ Johnson wants to go on the record: He believes the Broncos will land Peyton Manning. SF doesn't have the money; TN doesn't have John Elway and John Fox.  TJ says what crystalized it in his mind was Peyton Manning's body language with John Fox on tape.  TJ believes he is a body-language expert and can read micro facial expressions.    

He can't. This opinion and $3 still won't get you what you really want to drink at Starbucks.

10:48 pm Ryan Clark believes there is a reason nobody will joing the Miami Dolphins: Jeff Ireland sucks.

Dez Bryant would agree--so would his mom.

9:55 pm Vic Lombardi suddenly feels a surge of confidence; he writes: The Titans were forced into the Manning Derby by their owner. They had other plans for free agency. I still like the Broncos chances.

9:35 pm Mike Klis: One NFL source close to the situation said that as of Saturday night, Manning had not separated the three teams — Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans — vying to sign him...While that may not necessarily be encouraging news for the Broncos, it beats speculation that they had fallen behind. Two other NFL sources said Manning said this weekend he was leaning toward the Tennessee Titans.

9:22 pm Vic Lombardi: Insightful stuff from Jeff Legwold tonight on All-Access. He has a ton of Tenn connections. They tell him Denver. Den peeps tell him Tenn...Leggy did agree with me on one thing - the Denver deal was all but done a week ago. Something happened.

9:18 pm If you needed a reason to like Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post, she writes: at combine I tried to get a photo of R [Russel] Wilson standing next to Legwold for height comparison. RW barely taller.

9:00 pm Alex Smith concluded his 5 1/2-hour meeting with the Miami Dolphins.  Neither side is commenting at this point.

7:15 pm Brandon Marshall just called his trade from Denver a "business thing" on NFL Network.  

He also wore a checkered pink-and-white shirt with a green tie and navy vest, too, so what the hell does he know?

7:12 pm Mike Lombardi said on NFL Network the Broncos have told free agents they are "on hold" until the Peyton Manning situation resolves itself.

6:50 pm Alex Smith is now negotiating with the Dolphins.

The question is: who is his agent?

6:28 pm Broncos just announced they re-signed Linebacker Joe Mays.

This answers a question.  What is the question?  Who knows. 

6:22 pm Mort on why the Seahawks wanted Flynn: Seahawks GM John Schneider was in GB when Matt Flynn drafted; Mike McCarthy convinced him Flynn has made significant improvement since then

6:03 pm And here we go, per Gene Frenette: If Manning picks Denver, the Dolphins consolation prize might well be trading for Tebow

5:46 pm Interesting tweet from Greg Cosell, who watches more film than anyone on earth: When 1st thing people discuss in evaluating QB is intangibles, work ethic, competitiveness, that's shorthand for can't throw well enough.

Not sure who he's talking about here, so if you assumed it was Tebow, well, then that's on you.   

5:27 pm Matt Flynn signs with the Seattle Seahawks.  Per ESPN: The contract is for three years and $26 million with $10 million guaranteed, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Get your Tebow-to-Dolphins rumors ready!

5:10 pm The Raiders are in the market for Matt Leinart.  

Two USC Quarterbacks?  Might be three when the Raiders are forced to draft Matt Barkley at #1 next year. 

2:30 pm Denver Post is just getting around to reporting what we said over twenty-four hours ago: Daniel Fells is visiting New England on Monday.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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